Huhu he’s so annoying lol. That being said, your scent is also a way that your cat identifies you and ensures that you are not a stranger. He has been laying right beside my mom chair where she sits and keeps looking at her and won't move for anything. It’s easy to forget that your cat doesn’t usually get to see a whole lot of you, well unless they look up! So, if you’re extra sweaty and your little one is licking away at you… well… they’re not trying to cool you down or make you feel better… you’re literally just a salty piece of meat to them! All my cats over the years have loved shoes and shoelaces rather than feet. I've googled, I can't see a cause for this. Frito feet is rarely observed in cats. Similar to why cats sleep in laundry baskets, or why cats knead their favourite objects/person, cats will find your scent calming, relaxing or even homely. I won’t even move my feet. 🙂, the tabbies have always had a fondness for shoe laces; dude used to chew them constantly; Don’t mistake this for your cat hating you but you may want to take it as a hint that you need to play with your cat a bit more, especially if the footsie game is a regular occurrence. We have, however, caught her sneaking under the covers to lick our feet… weird, right? My dogs lick my feet sometimes to and the main reason for this is because they taste salty and they like that taste but they can also do it … ‘>. Your email address will not be published. This is probably your issue. could there be a medical reason for this? Is It Different Than Regular Grass? Why does my cat smell like dirty feet? If you found yourself asking this question or are in this predicament, do not despair as there are some very common reasons for a feline to emit this odor and some simple solutions to get rid of it. this post was a very interesting read; I actually learned something today !! I have a year old chihuahua and for some reason her feet smell…I have washed them on and off which helps for a bit but it keep’s happening. Usually, this happens when you're sleeping or trying to work. lol Why does she do that? This should help discourage the behaviour, though unfortunately the “ow, you hurt me” bit hasn’t worked well with our cat, Kalista. They want us to stay happy and healthy. In the same way that early gothic novels — and every episode of Scooby-Doo — showed that the nastiest ghosts and apparitions had ultimately logical, even prosaic explanations, so it is with cats and Frito feet. Required fields are marked *. What can I do … So pet parents, I’m curious… how much do your cats love your feet? my cat does that but not 2 my feet. Mar 30th 2015. Typically, your feline friend swats at your feet because they want food or a snuggle session, or perhaps are acting out aggression. writes music directly aimed to help keep cats chilled out and stress free. He can never seem to get his shoelaces untied by the time Kalista is purring by his feet and I’m sure you can tell how much of a mess Kalista makes, especially in the winter. The mouth, ears, groin, and anus are the most obvious places to begin your odor hunt. It may be extra long or dry. ... or maybe likes the smell of your bathing and skin products. After reading this article and taking the necessary steps to fix the issue, hopefully you can stop wondering: "Why does my cat smell like poop?" The smell of cat urine is very ammonia-like, and it’s normal. But more often than not, they do it because they want to play. Ask a Vet: Why Does My Cat Smell Bad? The same can be said about biting, although many pet parents recommend you pretend to be hurt so your cat understands that… well… they hurt you! Melvin Pena Here is some information about why feet can smell like ammonia, and what you can do to avoid this unpleasant condition. Some cats even lick us while we sleep. If the infection is serious, the cat may have a thinning coat and visible irritated skin. I think shoes, being smelly since they don’t get washed everyday, are often a substitute for the human in a cat’s life. You see, Kalista doesn’t just rub herself against our legs as soon as we walk in, she literally covers our shoes making it impossible to do anything before we pet her and give her attention. 2 0. crystals lil sis. Every time the little guy comes across a pair of shoes, socks, or bare feet, he immediately goes to smell them. Some cats merely smell the saltiness that comes with sweat and wants a taste. Yeast and other fungi thrive when heat and moisture are prevalent, so the Frito feet phenomenon tends to be noticed more in summer and in other humid conditions. Your email address will not be published. If any of these are behaviours you dislike make sure you don’t your cat any attention. However, if this behavior is done compulsively and/or in a state of anxiety, then we should consult a veterinarian. My cat is a female burmese who is de sexed. The only difference is, Beau used to meow until we pet him and never spent any time with our shoes, let alone never spent time rolling around in our shoes. She just smells. Do your cat’s feet have a smell that you can’t quite place? That being said, your legs and feet tend to be the most accessible part of your body, making them the easiest things to interact with when showing affection. Even a small change can cause big problems. Why Does My Cat Sleep on My Feet? pounce on the feet while they are undercover cat ♥♥ 🙂. While dog owners aver that they enjoy or even delight in the scent of Fritos or corn chips that emanate from feet and paw pads of their canine companions, these scents are neither normal nor naturally occurring. Well, as you walk outside you actually pick up a number of pheromones and odours from other animals, plants, etc. Bacterial infections can have a no obvious underling cause or be related to allergies, polyps, tumors, foreign bodies, etc., and they tend to smell fetid or somewhat sweet, depending on the specific type of … He’s like a mad ass running towards our feet then annoy the h out of my sister and me while we’re doing our work in our room. To keep your pet’s paws at their best, here are some simple and effective ways to keep them clean: Bathe your pet regularly, paying attention to the paws and between the paw pads. Similar to why cats sleep in laundry baskets, or why cats knead their favourite objects/person, cats will find your scent calming, relaxing or even homely. It is associated with grooming and is a sign they consider us part of the family. During this process, a cat either tries to mask the smell of the other cat to help make everyone in the “family unit” smell the same. What Is Cat Grass? Trim long fur on the feet and paws. Cats have a very acute sense of smell, making your feet a perfect match for their sensation needs. Why does my cat keep spraying the shoes I'm not wearing. So, what do cats do? One of the more unpleasant results of foot odor is a smell that is similar to that of ammonia. Healthy Medleys (All Natural Mariner’s Medley Treats for Cats). 1 decade ago. In fact, according to 2017 paper published in the journal Applied Animal Behavior Science, cats have better "olfactory discrimination" than dogs do. Ever woken up in the middle of the night because one of your cats attacked your feet? Domestic cat licking paw in outdoor by Shutterstock. Strong odors are more frequently observed in dogs than in cats, so if your cat’s feet, or any other part of her body, are producing a pungent odor, then it is very likely that there is a health problem. Pet Care Tips, Reviews & Stories of our Pets, July 11, 2019 By Johnny Salib 10 Comments. About | Friends | Advertise | Contact Stay informed! So, use it to your advantage! Does it smell a lot like ammonia in there? If your cat begins to smell like ammonia, it’s probably not a health issue so much as it is a ‘you need to clean the litter box more often’ issue. Since adopting our youngest cat, Kalista, we’ve noticed she has an obsession with our feet. My cat has been obsessed with smelling feet since we got him a year and a half ago. It will also prove confusing to your cat if they are trained in different ways or if one pet parent finds something acceptable that the others don’t. (15 Posts) Add message | Report. If, upon closer sniffing, you find a stronger matching odor, your next step should be a visit to the veterinarian to have the root problem diagnosed and treated. Jumping back quickly to scent, not all scents are welcome to a cat. Do Cats like Dirty Clothes? Don’t know what to do anymore and he won’t even listen, he’ll stop when i shout at him then proceed anyway. Beau has become the master of attacking our feet, especially first thing in the morning or late in the night. Our feet carry most of our scent so your kitty is probably just showing you affection and getting some salt as well lol Haha, sounds like your cats are really into feet and shoes! That being said, although you don’t want to give your cat any extra salt in their diet, “sweat salt” shouldn’t harm them. Foot odor is often caused when bacteria on your feet, shoes, and socks mixes with your sweat. Trying Performatrin Ultra Healthy Weight with Beau, Can Cats Have Banana Bread? Instead, select a sound or a word (I advise you use a word you don’t use commonly like uh-uh) to let your cat know that you’re not down for being tripped.

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