Note: You must learn all of Cid's Level 1-3 Limit Breaks before you can use the item that teaches his Level 4 skill. Shinra No.26 & Hojo 11. You will find Cid's last Limit Break item inside the room with a wrecked Helicopter in a chest, in the secret area Sunken Gelinka, just a warning, the enemies are very strong in this area, make sure to be at least Lv. Also once I complete the game is there like a new game plus where materia and limit break levels carry over? A Limit Break is simply an attack that can be unleashed with either greater damage output or a supportive effect once a character has taken enough damage. I-2: Dynamite Using his cigarette, Cid lights a stick of dynamite and tosses it at his enemies, causing a damaging explosion. 70. If you're getting less than maximum damage per hit, you may consider using someone with fewer hits at a higher damage percentage. Other Final Fantasy VII fighters might also have great limit breaks, but they simply can't hold a candle to a freakin' airship shooting 18 missiles down on its enemies. See here for how to unlock Cid's Limit Breaks. Cid Highwind's Limit Breaks. Cid's mastery over the airship pays off in the most over-the-top manner possible. Go there with Vincent in your party on Disc 2, then revisit on Disc 3 to get the Chaos Limit Break. 3 Lion Heart (Final Fantasy VIII) I'm on CD 1 & everyone has there level 3 limit break expect Cid & Cat Sith who has there lvl 1. It will cost 51,200 BP. A Feat of Meteoric Proportions . Also my Could, Yuffie, & Red XIII have there level 4 limit break & can use them as well. re: Cid skipped a Level 2 Limit Break called Dragon No, it will not ruin your chances for getting Cid's ultimate limit break learned. What you should be asking is how to learn them. Great Glacier & The Highwind. Assuming you're tricked out to get 9999 damage per hit, Barret and Cid have the best limit breaks with 18 hits apiece. 1 guide. II-1: Hyper Jump Cid spins into the sky and drives his weapon into the ground, which is … RELATED: Top 10 Limit Breaks in Final Fantasy VII, Ranked. Cloud is level 3, Tifa and Barret are level 2 while everybody else is only level 1. But the key is to find monster who can do enough damage to your party. Im on disc 2 controlling Cid and just about to go visit Cloud and Tifa. Once inside, go to the Cargo Bay and you’ll find the item for Cid’s Level 4 Limit Break! ... (Cid's little plane you use as a boat). Vincent Valentine – “Chaos” Limit Break. Park the submarine at Junon and use the Highwind to return to Rocket Town. Once you have the submarine or Gold Chocobo, head to Lucrecia’s cave behind the waterfall in the Nibel area. I don't use Cat Sith because I find him to be the most useless character in Final Fantasy VII. Learn Highwind—Cid's last Limit Break. I-1: Boost Jump Cid performs a diving slash to one enemy. World Map. Cid's Highwind attack is easily one of the best Limit Breaks in the game, and one need only look at the function of said Limit Break to understand why this is the case. 13. Cloud and Yuffie tie for third with 15 hits apiece. So I have Cid at level 60 and he has learned all of his limit breaks, but when I use the Highwind item on him he still says, "Hmph. Don't quite get it but..." I read in an FAQ limit break guide here that this is glitch that appears in some games and I was wondering if anybody else has come across it and fixed it.

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