101 funny things to ask siri for iPhone and Android 2020. Not only will Siri give you the result of your conversion, but a short list of additional conversions as well. 02, 2020 The iPhone digital assistant can set alarms, set … By Dan Moren, Henry T. Casey 22 January 2018. This app DOESN'T HAVE Siri built-in. By UltraLinx Staff; January 24, 2020; YouTuber Squirrel Monkey has created a video of what Siri would be like if it existed in the 1980’s on Mac and PC. These commands will work on Apple HomePod and your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and MacBooks. Siri can be useful for finding the nearest gas station, but she can also have some super hilarious conversations with you! Complete New Free Guide, Tips Commands for Siri App This app provides a full list of commands for Siri which is built into Apple's products beginning with the iPhone 4S. Here are some of the best: ... Clearly, our lovable, intelligent personal assistant has lots of tricks up her (virtual) sleeves to get you chuckling. November 03, 2020 Siri may not be the most intelligent smart assistant, but there are some great funny Siri easter eggs if you know the right questions to ask. 30 Best Siri Tips and Tricks. Try these funny things to ask Siri if you’re in need of a chuckle and then compare them with your other virtual assistants to see which tells the best jokes. To make Siri even more accessible, you should enable Hey Siri, which lets you use Siri without pressing the home button on your iPhone. Siri recognizes this crisis, and will respond to inquiries about suicide with a helpful response providing information about the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline hotline, with a quick button to tap on to contact the hotline number directly (1-800-273-8255). Jan 3, 2020 - Explore Kzkustomkreations's board "WHAT TO ASK SIRI", followed by 275 people on Pinterest. Bonus tip: If you ever lose your iPhone at home, just shout "Hey Siri" and you should hear a tone. The company said that the new console will be 4 times as powerful as the Xbox One and is slated for a release date of Christmas 2020 Getty Gadget and tech news: In pictures Despite giving a new look to Siri, Apple has retained the ability to show real-time transcription of the speech, which is a good move from the users’ perspective. However, Siri is only as useful as the operator, which is why you need to learn the tricks to getting the most out of it. Using WolframAlpha, Siri will give you enough information to become an amateur air traffic controller (airline, flight number, plane, altitude, angle, etc). Yes, her answers may be funny (and they are), but you'd better google funny questions to Siri to satisfy your interest. Here's how you turn it on: Open the Settings app; Scroll down and select Siri; Toggle to Allow "Hey Siri!" Best Apple iPad tips and tricks: A masterclass in managing your tablet 67 funny things to ask Siri for a good giggle Google Assistant tips and tricks: How to master your Android assistant Mia Summers, three, from King 's Lynn, Norfolk, lost her temper when she failed to get Siri to play TikTok videos on her pink iPad. Here are 20 funny questions to ask Siri that are appropriate and family friendly. Asking Siri “What planes are overhead” is a complete waste of time, but it’s also a hell of a lot of fun. Siri is Apple's voice assistant, and appears on the iPhone, the iPad, the Mac, the Apple Watch and the HomePod. Those were 20 funny questions to ask Siri when you’re looking to kill time. Scroll to the bottom that is under the Allow Access and then turn off the option for Siri. Dec 31, 2020 - 7 Comments. Reblog. Smarter Reminders By Simon Hill and Kerry Wan December 15, 2020 Siri is Apple’s personal assistant, and — like Google Assistant on Android devices — she’s the A.I. Tweet. See more ideas about what to ask siri, things to ask siri, siri funny. There are plenty of funny things to ask Siri. 3 September 2020. Share. 6. 1.4 Funny Jokes to Tell Siri; 1.5 Ask Siri Some Musical Question; 1.6 Siri as an alternative for Tinder (Not Recommended) 1.7 Cool things to Make Siri Mad; 1.8 Final Words One of my daughter’s favorite things to do with Siri on my iPhone, besides rename me all sorts of ridiculous names, is to ask it questions. Now a … There you have it! The 60 funny things to ask Siri with iOS 12. if you are bored and want things to ask Siri, this video is for you. Set alarms, timers, and reminders. Preview your calendar. Apple's voice assistant Siri can help you do a lot of things on your iPhone and iPad but not everyone using Siri is familiar with all the commands that they can use. (Yeah, not all her jokes are clean…) My boys love to ask Siri funny things, but you never know quite […] Siri is a faster, easier way to do all kinds of useful things. Siri Answers 60+ Funny Questions Even those who don’t own an iPhone or iPad know about Siri, a smart voice-powered Apple’s assistant. Apple Siri can be quite funny and entertaining, a lot more than either Alexa or Google Assistant. The best funny and useful Siri commands for iOS and MacOS By ... 2020 Siri is one of the ... which is why you need to learn the tricks to getting the most out of it. Just Ask Siri. Her parents Andy and Haley watched their daughter in hysterics. Based on your routine, Siri can even anticipate what you might need to help you breeze through your day. Tech; If Siri Existed in The 1980’s. The funny things to ask Siri are that it will answer all the given questions to tap. Big Brother is watching you, and all searches for DIY drugs or explosives may attract the attention of security services. Siri can do it all without your ever having to pick up a device. Funny Things to ask Google Home (Easter Eggs) Google Home Commands List – Google Assistant Commands 2020; Tech. Whether you have an Apple HomePod, HomePod Mini or use it on your Apple TV (or iPhone/Mac/iPad/Apple Watch), then you can have a few laughs with Siri. Suicide is obviously a serious subject, tragically being one of the leading causes of death in the USA. We’ve dug through iOS to uncover some of the most hidden iPhone 12 mini tips and tricks you didn’t know about, but probably should. Updated for iOS 11 — including some very recent improvements — Siri has learned some new tricks… iPhone 12 mini is chock full of features – some make your life easier and some are just plain fun. Ask Siri any unit amount and the unit you’d like to convert it to for a quick solution. Siri is one of the best virtual assistants out there, and it’s available on almost all Apple devices, including iOS and MacOS. Say These 8 Words to Siri, and She Will Break Out Into Song Sam Benson Smith Updated: May. The above collection of funny things to ask Siri that will make you laugh is a great place to get started. With that said, the rest of this article will be dedicated to the oddball and funny stuff. Get directions. Share. It’s always good to have an option to enable/disable a specific feature on your own terms. Ask Siri about the plot of Blade Runner, and you'll find out she actually sympathizes with the killer robots in that movie. Siri is supposed to do everything a personal assistant would – schedule dates, set reminders, find directions, send messages or make calls via voice commands. Guide For Siri Voice Commands, Tips, Tricks, and Hidden Features you need to know. So that’s the way you can make Siri show speech while doing conversation in the latest iteration of iOS. it's back! Siri Commands, Siri Questions, Things to ask Siri 2020 (iOS 13) Funny Things to Ask Siri: Questions, Jokes, Tricks, & Video; Solved: … Do you really need this kind of problem? 1 Creepy things to ask Siri or Funny Siri Tricks. Similar to Siri’s math abilities, Siri can be an effective unit converter. If you want to say the greetings then you can greet it. Now that you know some funny things to say to Siri, try them out yourself! There’s often more than one response for each question, so you’ll be surprised and amused with every reply. Some of the funny stuff to ask Siri in 2020 will actually get her mad and trigger the most unexpected responses. Best Alexa skills 2020 – Tips and tricks for your Amazon Echo speaker. 1.1 Siri and her classmates; 1.2 Some Serious things to ask Siri(Sometime Siri being Siri-ous) 1.3 Do you know??? There are many of the funny things to ask siri. Tutorials, Tips, Tricks; Reviews; Store; Tech; Gear; Art & Design; Culture; Tutorials, Tips, Tricks ; Reviews; Search for: Search. This article explains top iPhone 12 mini tips and tricks most people didn’t know even existed. You will end up doing it more than once out of sheer curiosity. They won't come for you right away, but they will definitely note your interest.

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