Plan for two potatoes per person and bake them a couple hours ahead of time. While the names are different, all refer to roughly the same final product: thin, shallow-fried pancakes made of shredded potatoes, flour and a binder (usually egg). 2 responses to “Baked Potato and Dessert Bar Coming Right Up ... One friend used to slice up a bunch of really good cheese, serve it with some really good bread and olive, then she would cook one large, really good steak and slice it up, too, served up with toothpicks. Instead, place the oiled potatoes directly on your oven racks to bake. From broccoli and pinto beans, to bacon, asparagus, and homemade cheese sauce, there's no wrong way to top a potato. For the simplest baked potato bar, provide basic toppings such as butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, chopped chives and bacon bits. You might not break any new ground in the baked-potato game, but don't hesitate to design your own loaded bakers to suit your tastes. Britons add finely diced onions to their latkes, Swedes make theirs with milk and wheat flour and serve them alongside pork and lingonberry jam, and Czechs make theirs with marjoram, caraway seeds and garlic. If you have any others you would like to recommend, let us know in the comments section below, and if you found this article helpful, be sure to share! Divide the hot chili among the potatoes and serve with the toppings alongside. It’s filling, and you can choose from a wide variety of toppings to please everyone’s preferences. Latkes grant a lot of latitude for adding personal touches without modifying the base recipe and making a different dish. When you've got to serve dinner to a large crowd, it typically means a long day in the kitchen. Just like with loaded baked potatoes, you have a lot of room for creativity here. For example, if you have some extra ground meat and mirepoix left over from a Bolognese sauce, add that to your croquettes for a quick-and-easy meal on the fly. We had tables for 30 people on the driveway (which of course I forgot to take pre-party photos of!). Place the toppings in medium-size serving bowls, and line them up neatly in the middle of the table, so that they are reachable from either side. Similar to a flattened tater tot without the flour, hash browns use the potato starch itself to hold it together, making the good old standby Russet Burbanks the best choice. All you have to do is cut oranges in half, scoop out the fruit and fill the peel with the sweet potato mixture. When it comes to fries, everyone has their preferences, but all well-made fries have a crisp golden-blonde exterior that yields to a fluffy interior. The American version of scalloped potatoes closely resembles au gratin potatoes, and, in most recipes, you won't find much of a difference. Fried potatoes are among the most common side dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Ceramic retains heat much longer than other types of plates. For the best flavor, fry the potatoes in unsalted butter. We all love our comfort food and theres nothing better than a warm baked potato covered with your fav… Culinarily, "au gratin" refers to any dish — usually a starch — topped with a crisp coating of buttered breadcrumbs. Her work includes writing city profiles for Groupon. Tots can be made using just shredded potatoes, or you can mix in fresh spring vegetables or bits of bacon or crab to make a delicious, unique side. Get it now on using the button below. Serve this refreshingly sweet side dish to your guests in separate cups you craft…from oranges! Not only are potatoes priced fairly — costing an average of just 70 cents per pound — they can also be found year-round in most supermarkets. Bake them wrapped in foil in the oven and they will stay warm for quite a while. Peas, bacon, cheese, onions, and celery are tossed in mayo and chilled for a simple, yet delicious side.The creamy texture will help to elevate the salty element of ham. Put labels in front of the bowls to make it easier for guests to spot the toppings they want quickly. Combine with baked beans for a full meal that offers a range of yummy flavors and textures. When making potato salad, you should always use a quality, thin-skinned waxy potato, such as red finn, fingerling or new potatoes. Usually topped with standard potato toppings — cheddar, sour cream and chives — homemade potato skins cost significantly less than restaurant skins. It’s fun to make it your own, and put your own little twist on things. As I noted, a loaded baked potato can be a complete meal all in one. This simple, homey recipe is simple to make, bakes in 30 minutes, and can be easily multiplied to serve a crowd. I have yet to meet someone who doesnt love a good baked potato, and everyone loves the idea of getting creative with the fresh toppings. Synonymous with casual theme restaurants and sports bar fare, potato skins are enmeshed in American food culture. See the best recipes for BBQ But there are lots of incredible side dishes that will transform this tasty bowl of goodness into an unforgettable meal. While many people wrap the potatoes in foil, this is not necessary and prevents the potato skins from crisping up. The weather was perfect so I set up everything outside. Potato choice and cooking technique have the most effect on French fry quality. One of the undisputed stars of the comfort food arena, chicken pot pie is almost a complete meal. To save a little money, you can substitute cream with half and half or whole milk and substitute any domestic Swiss-style cheese for Gruyère. Next time you find a few day-old baked potatoes hanging out in your fridge practically begging for a second chance at life, try out some innovative ingredient combinations, such as chèvre. Reserve the flesh scooped out of the potatoes after you bake them in an airtight container for up to five days. The best BBQ sides go with pulled pork, brisket, and BBQ chicken alike. Regardless of origin, make the most of the method by using generous amounts of butter or olive oil for the ultimate crispness. Use the flesh to make dumplings or to thicken rustic soups, or make "baked" mashed potatoes by adding a little cream and butter. Apr 11, 2013 - A serve-yourself potato bar is one of the easiest buffet party ideas. Get creative with your potatoes, and try these easy-to-make meals. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in television writing/producing and a Master of Arts Management in entertainment media management, both from Columbia College. From classic American mash with milk and butter to the Irish heritage dish colcannon with Irish butter and kale, a good dish of mashed potatoes is a perfect side for any meat-based dish. Like Corn Flakes, Popsicles and Jell-O, the Tater Tots name is a registered trademark — owned by Ore-Ida, a division of the H.J. Keep the potatoes warm in the oven at 140 F until you are ready to serve them. A cold cucumber or a chilled green bean salad also would makes a light, tasty side. For a large crowd, stack plates and heaps of baked potatoes on opposite ends of a table. Select baking potatoes, which usually are labeled russet or Idaho in the grocery store. Like latkes, you find a version of pierogis in most of the Slavic countries and Russia, but Poles consider the pierogi their national dish with origins dating to the 13th century BC.

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