Students should get a taste of a potential major, such as social and behavioral science, business, education or criminal justice, in their first semester. This is especially important for majors in the sciences, engineering and nursing that have a lot of prerequisites. All rights reserved. You can learn from everyone you meet. Transferring from community college to a university can be an excellent way to save money on a bachelor’s degree. A major reason why so many students aren’t successful is that the path to obtaining a bachelor’s degree is littered with potholes. One helpful and free test-prep resource is the Khan Academy. “I was stunned at how complicated the process is,” she complained to me. Some experts say it's often more difficult to get admitted as a transfer applicant. “When they wander around in the general eds, they are going nowhere,” Jenkins said. San Antonio, TX, The $25,000 "Be Bold" No-Essay Scholarship, Colleges That Produce the Greatest Numbers of Professional Football Players, 6 Tips for Dealing With Distractions in Online Classes. Estrella Mountain 3. How Should I Prepare for My Admission Interview? “Even with an advanced degree, it’s hard to figure out.”. Getting through college can be challenging, and for some students that may mean they ended up with less than stellar grades throughout their course program. Mesa 6. It's a story many Clovis Community graduates share. CollegeXpress has everything you need to simplify your college search, get connected to schools, and find your perfect fit. Transferring to a university from a community college might seem like a daunting task, but it can be a smooth and easy process if you follow these tips and do well in your classes! Another element that is new to transfer students are the hard deadlines of a university. On average, community college students transfer more than 85 credits at Franklin. According to a study by the Center for Community Student Engagement, almost half of colleges offer placement test study aids, but only 28% of students used them. Go to your career transfer office and see what the academic path will be for a particular major. You can meet other transfer students at your new school during the transfer orientation and maybe by living in a transfer student dorm. Identifying a list of potential classes helps students make progress towards a goal. Depending on the schools you’re planning to attend, there could be a lot of red tape that you run into while attempting to transfer. Video Transcript Many students use a community college or another two-year college as a stepping-stone to a four-year college … Login or sign up to be automatically entered into our next $10,000 scholarship giveaway, Covenant College Phoenix 8. In fact, a study from the Center for Community College Student Engagement concluded that students who complete a success course are more likely to earn better grades, have higher overall grade point averages and obtain degrees. All rights reserved. Many colleges and universities also provide scholarships and financial aid to transfer students. Here are some of the pros and cons of the transfer route. Your high school standardized tests scores might be less important in your transfer application (depending on the four-year school and how long you’ve been out of high school). community college Students who show enough gumption to appeal are more likely to succeed in skipping remedial classes. Transfer students’ ability to earn a bachelor’s degree depends, in part, on whether they can transfer community college credits to an institution granting bachelor’s degrees. Transferring from a community college to a four-year college can be easy. Social Situation. It works particularly well for students with financial constraints who save by taking two years at a very low-cost community college. The workload is lighter, and although this sounds nice at first, you may not be fully prepared for the amount of work that is required at a four-year college. Because transferring is so difficult, using community college to springboard into a higher-ranked college rarely works. I just want to know how hard is the process because transfers from university to community college … You'll have a harder time transferring if you've completed more than two years of … we’ll notify you about new articles, scholarship deadlines, and more. Transferring College Credits After being admitted to USD and submitting your enrollment confirmation form, a transfer … Are you homesick? Transferring Colleges with Bad Grades. Rio Salado 9. For many students, the transfer route is a good way to go; it helps you adjust to college courses and save up money before you head off on your own to a four-year university. Other students with a clear idea of what they want to study might be better off going straight into a four-year college. Colleges have different policies for transfer students but typically expect you to have acquired a minimum number of credits. We are happy to assist you throughout the process and invite you to contact your admissions counselor if you have any questions or concerns. Students fall into the trap of taking general education classes that won’t apply to their majors when they want to transfer. You'll want to do your best … Paradise Valley 7. If you test into remedial courses, you should consider appealing. But no matter what your college decision, there is always a silver lining. Although it can be tough to navigate the community college system and transfer successfully, the good news is that students who do persevere do just as well as students who start at four-year schools. Tags: Some universities offer net price calculators for transfer students. Arizona Western College Bryan University Central Arizona College Cochise College Maricopa Community Colleges 1. As soon as you realize that your current college isn’t for you, start checking out other colleges. Instead, if you are looking to save money on tuition but want to attend a higher-ranked (compared to your profile) school, look into lower-ranked four-year colleges that you can try to transfer … Likewise, the University of Central Florida has a variety of programs intended to make the transfer process smoother, including guaranteed admission for students at many colleges.

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