A throw blanket can be made in the size 50 inches by 60 inches. Pin the raw edges in place and sew closed with a narrow hem. Try adding these awesome handmade blankets and throws. How to Sew a Baby Blanket. Diy Throw Blanket Tutorial Stay … Sewing machine. You’ll need: –2 yards plaid fleece –2 yards solid fleece –4 large pom poms (I made mine, you can find a tutorial here: Pom Pom craft) Finished Edge Fleece Blanket – Video Tutorial Instructions. Raise your sewing machine’s presser foot, and then place the fleece fabric under it. You can choose a plaid fabric, a solid fabric, or a bold print. Heather Handmade shows how with an easy sewing tutorial. Choose some colors to brighten up your space and you'll look forward to cuddling up on those chilly fall evenings. references Hobo Mama: Sew a Cozy Throw Blanket Sew 4 Home: Stylish Baby Nursery - The Three Blankets Show Comments you may like. A simple way to solve this issue is to finish the blanket by sewing a blanket stitch on the edges of its fleece fabric. This creates a look more suited to a throw than a blanket. Sew a seam around the entire blanket edge, 1/4 inch away. Leave 1/4 of the fourth side open and turn the blanket right side out through that opening. Not only will this stitching make the edges lay flat and crisp, but it closes up the opening as well. Lower the presser foot and then begin sewing the zigzag stitch along the raw edges of your fabric. Choose a soft fabric which is either plain or printed with baby themed patterns. Blanket Measurements. To my surprise, this particular fabric could not be frayed no matter what I tried. Your blanket can be any size. Learn how to make a DIY flannel blanket that is a perfect throw blanket. How to Make a Cozy, No Sew Throw Blanket (for under $10) - But First, Coffee | Connecticut Lifestyle and Motherhood Blog. Linen and Ruffle Throw Blanket Sewing Tutorial Video. A simple baby blanket is just a piece of square fabric which is finished along the edges. This soft and delicate DIY throw is just right for snuggling up on the couch or or adding a touch of warmth to your bed. All you'll need to make this blanket is a good pair of scissors and something to watch while you cut and tie the tassels. For this project, I bought three yards each of this striped linen fabric and this white flannel. Table of Contents. You can finish the edges of the fabric you are using with your sewing machine by turning under the edge twice. How to Make a Poncho from a Blanket. Now we’re going to “quilt” the blanket, meaning we’re going to stitch patterns into the blanket that hold the top and bottom together. Easy Flannel Throw Blankets Inspired. Sew your backing material to the blanket top, right sides together, either by hand or with a heavy duty machine. It can also work as a baby blanket, particularly for winter babies. Here’s what it looks like from the top and bottom: And the finished DIY fleece blanket: I also have a tutorial for a pretty fringed fleece blanket, and a fringed flannel throw blanket. Easy and fun to sew, they can be made with different fabrics and trims. Fold the raw edges of the opening into the corners of the blanket. The first time I ever saw a no sew fleece blanket or throw was when my Mom gave my son a super cute patchwork fleece blanket. I also have my heart set on making something else for a future tutorial.) Learn how to make reversible fleece blankets in minutes, with this tutorial. Come see how to turn a minky panel and coordinating yardage into a self-binding beautiful, cuddly blanket in next to no time. I also used pinking sheers to cut the raw edges on the ruffle strip but if you can fray yours, the throw will look more rustic than mine.

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