Canberra, AU, 9A, Beginner, 1. Attached tray is my problem....many "mallsai" are sold in such containers with rocks glued on....weird. Real talk though that moss or grass or whever the hell is on top looks pretty sad. Roots like water, tend to follow the path of least resistance. report. Lowes bonsai with rocks glued on top, $23 each. They dont get watered like the plants in the garden center. Doing just fine! a juniper with that size trunk would be $75 😂. Posted by. All 6 look dried out and barely alive. Yea, these trees are just fine if younger then refresh the soil and repot immediately. Archived. You’re paying too much for your juniper, who’s your juniper guy? Cut pieces of 3mm bonsai wire long enough to attach the trees to the rock. Avoid "glued-rock" Bonsai - these are Bonsai that have rocks on top of the soil that are glued together and glued to the soil. Once I saved it from that crap pot it nearly tripled in size. Sometimes, retailers will glue the rocks in place to make them easier and cleaner to transport. A top dressing is a decorative rock placed on the top of the soil in an arrangement. Press J to jump to the feed. Try to follow a natural course with the roots. Glued-down rocks on a juniper bonsai. Lorelei; Topic Author; Away; New Member ; Posts: 1 ; Thanks received: 0 ; My sister bought me this spruce yesterday as a memorial for my cockatiel passing away suddenly. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you want to decorate the top of the soil, a single layer of small pebbles would be best. 90% Upvoted. Watering bonsai involves saturating the soil to the point that water runs out of the drainage holes in the bottom of the pot. I decided to name the rock creation “INTENSE FINESSE” as all champion bulls should have a name! Over the summer I was gifted a Walmart Fukien tea that came with "rocks", "moss", dense soil, fungus gnats, and aphids, but it's doing well now. If the rocks … The rocks glued to the top of the pot are acting partially as a mulch. Learn how to add a professional touch to your succulent arrangements by using a top dressing, or decorative rocks. This layer of rock is glued in place for the convenience of the store and wholesaler and offers no benefits to your tree. If the tree has rocks glued around the trunk at the surface of the soil, remove them. What’s the problem with the attached trey? Dull, spotted, or damaged leaves are things to look out for. Does that pot have a drainage hole? Sometimes what seems like a good deal can turn into a lot more $$ and work than you had originally thought. 114. Most of the time the rocks are held on with a water based glue. Waxy, shiny leaves and the indication of new growth are signs that the tree is healthy and actively growing. Trial Garden Tip: Water your plants slowly so the water seeps through the rocks without spilling or splashing. yeye5 Hastings, FL(Zone 9a) Dec 01, 2011. If you buy a tree with these glued rocks, remove them by breaking them up gently with a hammer. User account menu. The easiest way to tell is the presence of glue. Looks like you're using new Reddit on an old browser. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. I got 4 nice sized junipers on sale at Lowes for $10. Quote. The glued rocks impede proper watering of the tree and must be removed at the earliest opportunity. You must log in or register to reply here. Post #8913003. This Elm is placed on a natural ledge half way up the rock. Spruce Bonsai, rocks glued on top 20 minutes ago #64613. you could do a lot worse for $23. Spray them with a water bottle for a while and they should loosen up. pshh, it's not a fukien tea, they're labeled right there, the first one is a Goodness, the second is a Dream, and the third is a Peace, duhhh /s . Bought a sweet pot for 4$ at garage sell. Dylan Taylor here, with a really quick video on how to use contact cement to attach your wire bonsai to a rock, or whatever it is you want to attach it to! I have no experience with bonsai but have wanted one for a while. But I bought it and I will take care of it. I got a ficus from Lowe’s packaged just like this, repotted ASAP and ripped out the stupid faith rock. New York, Zone 6b, Beginner, 20 trees in training. You don't need to hold moisture in and you could cause some rot problems. I read somewhere that because they glue these rocks on the top of the plant soil, it's highly likely that the plant will die. Pry up as many individual rocks as possible with the knife, stick or a flat screwdriver. Soak it from the bottom. One of my favorite discoveries in regard to designing with succulents is the use of top dressings . The number one killer of bonsai trees is root rot because of overwatering. Placing tree on rock. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I am now remembering a bonsai I had years ago that had glued pebbles on top. Mulch can help keep pathways in beds clear of debris and mud. I'll be checking out the local Lowes tomorrow.. thanks for the tip. It may not display this or other websites correctly. hey Chris your mail is showing your whole first and last name and address. Far too slow and fussy. I thought it was a very good price but I had never seen the plant before. If you're willing to address these potential issues, even mallsai can thrive. In fact, if you don't remove this layer, the glued rock layer will kill almost all of bonsai trees you bring home. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Mulch can keep plant roots warm in winter and cool in summer. 1 year ago. Bonsai planted in or on a flattish or slightly saucer shaped rock instead of in a bonsai pot. Removing the glued rocks was good but adding the green moss was a bad thing. ! Rocks are added to commercially grown bonsai to make them easier to ship. I was in walmart yesterday and fell prey to this really cute supposed bonsai plant. At least you can keep them moist with a regular misting via the commonly used: center-console-spray-bottle. A single rock can resemble a rugged cliff, a towering mountain, or a rocky island. You are using an out of date browser. The only way to know if your bonsai needs water is to check the moisture level of the soil. I could remove it but it would destroy the trey. Retail stores like these because they can sit on shelves for weeks without much care. If you have rocks glued on top of the soil, this is impossible. Just giving an example of what not to buy, they had 6 of these fukien teas, only marked as bonsai. What is the best pot for it? New to Bonsai and super loving it!! These bonsai are reasonably priced, cute, and seem to be a perfect gift for the horticulture enthusiast on your list. It’s not ideal, but makes the pot more functional. Tree health is essential. Mallsai will have glued-on rocks and decorative elements--this is so the soil doesn't spill out during shipping.

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