The crew crashlands on a mysterious island, and spends much time rock-climbing. These were supervised by Gene Warren, Wah Chang, and Jim Danforth, along with the MGM production staff supervised by A. Arnold Gillespie. Impending doom hangs heavy in the air of Atlantis. Atlantis: The Lost Continent (1961) Trivia. Can't play on this device. Demetrios earns his freedom from slavery in a … After they are picked up at sea near Atlantis by a giant fish-like submarine boat, Demetrios, expecting to receive a reward for returning Antillia, is instead enslaved and forced to work in the crater of the volcano that dominates the center of the continent. The King is being manipulated by an evil sorcerer who is bent on using a natural resource of Atlantis to take over the world. Tout sur Atlantis the lost continent - DVD Zone 1 - , DVD Zone 1 et toute l'actualité en Dvd et Blu-ray. Other actors considered were Richard Chamberlain and William Shatner. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Acheter. Title: Directed by George Pal. In fact, however, he works with the slaves to sabotage the process by which the crystal is formed within the volcano, hastening the impending destruction of Atlantis in so doing. Then, just as quickly, the sea bottom collapses, and Atlantis plunges beneath the waves once and for all. The script by Daniel Mainwaring had already been completed. Yet it is still pleasant enough of a viewing experience, with some nifty action scenes and the brisk finale ensuring that is the case. Pal constructs the film as a giant spectacle in the style of the reigning box-office fad for Biblical/historical epics like The Ten Commandments (1956), Ben Hur (1959) and Hercules (1958). Demetrios thereupon pretends to ally himself with Zaren, supposedly working with the slaves to insure that the crystal is completed on schedule. Original Release. On the full moon, the now-completed giant crystal ray device is displayed to the people of Atlantis. By MURRAY SCHUMACH. He is enslaved for his trouble. 'Atlantis' Will Be Conceived by Pal: Moulin Rouge to Go Legit; Two McIntires Sipt at U-I Welcome to Atlantis, the Lost Continent, where royal guardsmen wear uniforms that could easily be from the wardrobe of Ming the Merciless and where some unfortunate slaves are turned into bovine-headed beasts. Props from other film productions were also reused, including the large temple idol from The Prodigal, Krell instrument gauges from Forbidden Planet, and wardrobes from Diane and Ben-Hur. This FAQ is empty. Certificate: Passed After it takes a wrong turn, the submarine takes them to the unknown land of Caprona, where they find dinosaurs and neanderthals. He is enslaved for his trouble. The film was distributed by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. In fact some scholars even feel they are the same. The sets are brilliant, the costumes are magnificent, and the spectacular conclusion is awesome. AKA: Atlantis, the Lost Continent, Atlântida, o Continente Perdido. Atlantis, the Lost Continent Quotes. The mysterious lost civilization of Atlantis has captured the imagination for generations, and this powerful programmatic work brings that mystical world to life. From the stars of "The Good Place" to a pair of "Pretty Little Liars," check out our gallery of celebrity besties. One person answered, "The scene where Robert Taylor saved Deborah Kerr from the fire." A Victorian era scientist and his assistant take a test run in their Iron Mole drilling machine and end up in a strange underground labyrinth ruled by a species of giant telepathic bird and full of prehistoric monsters and cavemen. A dying scientist pushes forward his project to tap through to the Earth's magma layer, with results that threaten to destroy the Earth as we know it. Ship This Item — Qualifies for Free Shipping Buy Online, Pick up in Store Check Availability at Nearby Stores .

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