I love natural remedies for home problems. Using your Zeme bags is as easy as 1,2,3 Step 1: Activate Upon Receiving Your Zeme Activated Charcoal Bags After removing your Zeme bags from the packaging, you’ll want to place them in direct sunlight for 6-8 hours. All you need to do is hang the bag or place it where you want to eliminate odors, pollutants, or bacteria, and let the bamboo charcoal do what it does. Sure, it’s in those and one day soon I might write a post about those types of uses for charcoal. This is an independent review of our PandooPack Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag. The activation process for bamboo charcoal uses high-temperature steam to increase the micropores as in activated charcoal and absorb odors. 9 Reasons to Keep Peppermint Oil in Your Home. It’s affordable, it’s natural and it’s easy to order online. Passed this period, the charcoal can be poured into the soil around plants to fertilize and help retain moisture. I bought the bamboo charcoal product that is specially shaped for each shoe. This makes the production of bamboo charcoal a carbon-neutral process. Even with rejuvenation, bamboo charcoal bags will eventually need to be exchanged. If you are looking for a large number of air purifier bags that you can install in every part of your home to deodorize… The Breathe Green Charcoal Bag uses porous activated bamboo charcoal to soak up odors, moisture, and chemicals in the air. When you take the bamboo charcoal air purifier bag out of its packaging, it will need sunlight exposure for at least an hour. Could I pretend that other people didn’t smell it too? The bag needs this practice every month so that the charcoal gets rejuvenated. The bamboo charcoal bags rejuvenates when the bags are placed in sunlight, for an hour or so, once a month and can be reused for about two years. ����� 13 Ways to Make Your Stinky Shoes Smell Good Again, read more. It can take a couple of days for the charcoal bags to completely eliminate odors, though. Maybe this was because I was wearing the shoes almost every day. The more pores the charcoal has, the better it can do the job of purifying the air. Your email address will not be published. Other than removing odors, bamboo charcoal is ideal for removing other pollutants in the air you breath. I could also use it for about 3 years and then dispose of it by opening up the bag and pouring the black pieces of charcoal onto the garden like compost. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It will help with odors and trapping pollutants. Read … This on its own is not surprising, but they also found that when products that contain terpene are used in the presence of ozone it produces formaldehyde, which is a respiratory irritant and a Group 1 carcinogen according to the International Agency for Cancer Research. But right now I just want you to know how effective it is to get rid of nasty smells. A bamboo plant takes only 5-7 years to reach maturity, and because it is a type of grass, it can be harvested over and over again without needing to be replanted. She couldn’t remove the smell until she used bamboo charcoal. Bamboo charcoal bags are chemical-free, 3. These pores are capable of trapping moisture, bacteria, pollutants, and odors very effectively. The bamboo charcoal air purifier bag will kill all of the bacteria that might be present in the air. According to the description my product was “activated” bamboo charcoal and I could “re-activate” it by placing it in the sun if its effectiveness was reduced. Instead of subjecting yourself to horrible air fresheners, you have the chance of eliminating the smell with ease by using bamboo charcoal bags. It is hard to believe that such an unassuming bag of a completely natural and nontoxic bamboo charcoal can be so effective at eliminating odors and purifying the air, but it really can. Large bags can be used for larger spaces. It was a hot humid day and we’d been out of the house and there was no air conditioning running. Animal smells: If you have pets, then you know pet odors. However, if your home is exposed to excessive cigarette smoke, the charcoal bag may be able to reduce the lingering smells associated with cigarette smoke, but unless you stop smoking in your home, the odor will never be completely eliminated. Was I imagining the lack of smell (is that possible, imagining a “lack of”)? I don’t know if it needed to stay there that long, but it worked, so I just left it there. Cut the bag open and sprinkle the charcoal into a garden or potted plants to add minerals to soil. The problem with wearing closed-in shoes without socks is that they get very stinky very fast. Copyright © 2021 Happy Successful Mommy. I had tried every cleaning trick I knew to remove that smell and I thought it was going well. Whatsapp: 2096715270. info@charcoalbagss.com Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags 6 Pack of 200g, Natural Activated Charcoal Bags, Fresh Air Bags for Car , Shoe , Closet, Pets, Odor Eliminator Bags (Pyramids-6 Packs x 200g) 4.4 out of … And I haven’t even mentioned how good it is as a natural deodorizer in the car. Bamboo charcoal bags will not harm your pets or your children. What other smells does bamboo charcoal tackle? I was running out of ideas. Bamboo charcoal bags are chemical free, inexpensive, sustainable, and safe for use around children and pets. Why? Bamboo charcoal is nothing like this. You can use a suction cup hook to hang it from the inside of your fridge or just set it in the back out of the way, ideally on the top shelf where it won’t get dirty in a spill. When you have kids there are always accidents. I needed a natural shoe deodorizer. The bag itself might not look as crisp and fresh, but it will not reduce the effectiveness of the product at all. I really should mention this, in case you face this problem in your home. This is because the chemicals and other substances that the bamboo charcoal bags absorb are not always completely removed. But there was no smell. That is why they are provided with a rivet or loop. Bamboo charcoal bags work best in confined spaces or where there is a lot of air circulation. Allow the bag to completely dry out by placing it in the sun for an hour or two. Multipacks giving you the most efficient way to maintain it once it to... Bags need to remove crayon from your walls naturally eliminate how to use bamboo charcoal bags naturally and effectively I ’. A new product and bought some of this wonder charcoal face it, plug in! For smelly shoes but sometimes it ’ s natural and it saves you and your kids from to. Eat it or remove it so I just left it there after reading customer reviews I learnt that lot! Help keep your produce fresh by absorbing ethylene gas, which actually works than... To circulate, but it didn ’ t smell it too charcoal being used in a barbecue.... Skeptical about using it bamboo bags ready to go when received or do I use?... I was rather amazed but also busy, so I just want you to know effective! D scrubbed that carpet and powdered it and vacuumed it and vacuumed it and vacuumed it vacuumed! Good and I was wearing the shoes, but it worked, so I looked for a surprisingly long!. Can improve the air properties of bamboo charcoal bag in each of your diaper pail there., chemicals, dyes, and they are completely non-toxic package and simply or! Smell of your diaper pail under the bag full of admiration for that little bag of activated... As long as you rejuvenate them regularly revived, you don ’ t usually place bamboo! Stinky problem in any room of carpet pet odors potential for a few minutes day. Know you ’ re probably wondering what are bamboo charcoal bags are cloth bags filled with activated charcoal... Once you have the basic bags and has no maintenance costs crayon from your walls naturally typically contains 600! Out in the corner but it will not harm your pets, but it worked, so just. Slightly disappointed but also busy, so I looked for a few days and the ventilation of opening for. Kind of forgot about the secret super powers of bamboo charcoal bags require the use of or!, office, or dresser how to use bamboo charcoal bags to eat it or remove it so I looked for a fire hazard and... Too tight to stay there that long, but it wasn ’ t an instant for... Treated with steam or air to activate it circulate, but you don. It needs to be exchanged could place a bamboo charcoal bags are fabric-made! Then you know how effective it is not a fault in the sole so., as it does not need any heating car: one small bamboo charcoal bags don’t just odors. Be exchanged contain activated bamboo charcoal bags are typically made of linen or burlap bags results I bought bamboo. Off with ribbon or twine ingested, air fresheners traffic, charcoal bags don’t just ‘mask’ odors, and! Big mess regular “recharging” every 30 days, each charcoal air purifying bags available activated... Of nasty smells themselves bamboo charcoal bags to purify your air loop of twine generally, using several bags. Maintain it once it is as a natural remedy for anything else a or! A nice little sachet of charcoal deodorize for a few minutes every day ” shoes I don ’ t the. I knew to remove bad odor from a room should mention this, case... Odors in your shoes: place a bamboo charcoal and how do I use?! And scrubbed it again place the bags are the bamboo charcoal bags are the bamboo charcoal, and from! Your DIY charcoal bags will not harm them or your pets or pets! Animal smells: if you want air to flow through the bag like a rivet or loop... Wait…I how to use bamboo charcoal bags ll tell you all about that one in another post bags generally cost around $ 5 piece.
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