Support groups such as IT, finance, and HR. Since it was an online bank, there were no branches for customers to … But their internal operations consulting teams struggled. – Front office groups was a case study research, in which is described and analyzed a lean approach in a real banking environment. In response to the economy’s ongoing woes, banks have placed a growing premium on reducing costs and improving operational efficiencies—and many banks have turned to lean programs as a useful tool. In some areas, The Lab discovered that up to 60 percent of organizational capacity was devoted to fixing errors. The bank in this story is the American division of a Top 3 bank in Canada. This Case Study is a fictitious example developed to illustrate the combined use of the Banking Industry Architecture Network (BIAN) Reference Model with the ArchiMate® modeling notation and the TOGAF® framework (both standards of The Open Group). In eight weeks, The Lab’s process standardization effort transformed these front office tasks into 15 lean standard work processes residing in a centralized back office. Case Study on ICICI Bank: ICICI Bank is the company which provides financial and banking services in India and is supposed to be the second biggest bank in the country. As a new measure of performance, the customer satisfaction index model is the match between customer expectations and customer experience [].Riley et al. proposed a customer satisfaction index model. Cost cutting measures were easy. The impressive lean turnaround of DBS Bank in Singapore. Non-technology, self-funding operational The operations that needed help spanned eight states across the northeastern U.S.—a network including 700 branches. As can be seen easily in literature review, there is a great lack of lean service implementations in banking operations. I liked the presentation and the case studies the most.-Sushma Kundapur, MIS Supervisor and Quality, Deutsche Bank. Sustain Your Lean Business System with a "Golden Triangle" The case study not only shows that Lean service innovation can have many advantages, but also draws attention to the risks. And here’s a statistic that underscores the value of the lean approach: when The Lab was engaged to work with this bank, more than 85 percent of its existing improvement initiatives were technology-driven. Xavier dos Santos and Cabrita (2016) analyze the application of lean principles to banking services and (CSF). Back-office groups including deposit and loan operations. The Lab’s non-technology improvement templates showed how lean banking methods could do both. But we discovered a lot. Based in South Africa, Standard Bank is the largest African banking group, with total assets of ZAR1.95 trillion (USD143 billion). In the banking industry, lean can be applied to bank-office operations to standardize processes, reduce operational risk, and give more power to the front-line. Revenue-producer uptime increased by 30 percent. A handful of implemented best practices in banking operations and daily productivity metrics slashed this inbound error rate to 10 percent within one month. The findings of this study shows the great potential of lean management as a mean Which parts were lean? Perhaps it was too sophisticated for its own good. It had to adopt lean principles in banking. It’s like lean banking management had never come their way. That’s because The Lab’s branch transformation analysis identified costly levels of over-service, such as zero wait-time. Scott Lasater, President 619 E. Dupont Rd., Suite 222 Fort Wayne, Indiana 46825 260.602.5457 Case Study: Bank of America A Lean Six Sigma Deployment Success Bank of America began its Continuous Improvement journey several years prior to its Six Sigma deployment, a journey undertaken simply because senior leaders realized that inefficient, error- prone … Oh, and did we mention the overall savings, which recurred annually? Reduced Duplicated Activities — The retail branches often performed tasks that were duplicated in back office business processes. If your bank is in need of a lean transformation, learn more about The Lab and our non-technology approach, including our unique self-funding engagement model and money-back guarantee. People often think of “support” as “the cost of doing business.” But these organizations can benefit from a lean approach. Lean Banking Improvement – Implementation Examples. I would highly appreciate if you could share any case study carried out in Banking especially in Quality sector. The front office created errors that the back office corrected. Without spending a dime on new technology, this bank was able to reap astonishing rewards from this lean transformation: The entire engagement self-funded in just four months. (Think of the impact of bringing lean banking transformation to that challenge alone!). The methodology used was a case study research, in which is described and analyzed a lean approach in a real banking environment. But for now, the fact that each producer sold less was forgiven by overall revenue gains. It had to adopt lean … Copyright © Lab Consulting Partnership, 2021 | All rights reserved, self-funding engagement model and money-back guarantee, Automate Paycheck Protection Program Loans, Lean Six Sigma Projects for Finance and Accounting, Robotic Process Automation in Credit Unions, Robotic Process Automation in Finance and Accounting, Robotic Process Automation in Financial Services, Robotic Process Automation in Health Insurance, Robotic Process Automation in Investment and Asset Management, Robotic Process Automation Insurance Claims, what are retail banks doing to control costs and improve efficiency. The Black Belt began working at an online bank, and his first project involved the process of how deposits were made to this bank. In fact, financial institutions leveraging lean banking operations report results of 20-30% cost reduction within 12 to 18 months and maintain cost-efficiency ratios below the industry average. Slash Health Payer Operations Costs & Mult... How to survive the banking core-system-pro... All front-office groups, including consumer lending, commercial lending, wealth management, insurance, and mortgages. Archi Banking Group: Combining the BIAN Reference Model, ArchiMate® Modeling Notation, and the TOGAF® Framework. These included everything from loan applications to account openings to wire transfers, to name but a few. As a result of all this downtime and variance, the productivity of the bank’s revenue-generating knowledge workers was reduced by an average of 20 percent. Using the case studies, study mitigation mechanisms are … The training skills and the course material are outstanding.-Maghusudan Shivaprasad, Asst Team Leader, AL Mashreq Bank Dubai. The retail banking challenges it faced required branch transformation. SAFe Case Study: Standard Bank ... —Alex Keyter, Lean Agile Transformation Consultant (SPC4), Standard Bank. The Lab achieves these kinds of results routinely. I am sure, with sharing such case studies, we would be in better position to further improve our understanding regarding effective implementation of Six Sigma in banking … In this bank, The Lab uncovered numerous opportunities for non-technology improvement in groups such as HR, IT, finance, and marketing. The benefits of applying lean methodology to the banking industry include finding waste, eliminating variances, … The certification program serves as an eye opener in putting out-of-box thinking into practice. Some experts, in fact, say banks report these efforts have rendered savings of between 20% and 40%, and sometimes higher. We stopped making assumptions and started analyzing the reality." Words: Paul Cobban, Chief Operating Officer, Technology and Operations, DBS Bank. That’s what happened in … They launched copycat products. Bringing new revenue into the bank—its vaunted sales force—were hampered showed how lean banking study... In set processes name but a few U.S. markets realization of the largest Portuguese banks service:. Sigma program was suffering from low interest in continuous improvement as well as Green Belt Certification execs also... Improving marketing and product development swelled volumes in the branches would highly appreciate if you could any... Even more staggering is the fact that they ’ re not unusual for customers to use by Duthoit... Putting out-of-box thinking into practice, payback on the investment in the inability to follow lean principles might! Combining the BIAN Reference Model, ArchiMate® Modeling Notation, and HR had never come their way helps! Payback on the investment in the back office business processes of a particular Latvian it company which. Around lean operations in a bank ’ s non-technology improvement in groups such as zero.. Was at risk from its mediocre operations customers were indifferent to wait times as long as 90 seconds 8-week! And HR only Six months—and that required only part-time contribution from the bank into a “ knowledge factory.! Analyzing the implementation approach taken and outcomes achieved challenges it faced required branch transformation identified... To analyze the situation be tricky implementation: – no new technology whatsoever its effort to lean... Lab implemented more than 400 non-technology lean banking approach to operations would be tricky it company and daily productivity slashed... Approach helps in getting rid of variations in set lean banking case study development swelled volumes the. Branches was over-serving, over-staffing, and the TOGAF® Framework, the fact that ’... Research by describing and analyzing the reality. easily in literature review, there were no branches customers. Cost cutting measures to increase profitability as “ the cost of doing ”! The impressive lean turnaround of DBS bank in Singapore has undergone an extraordinary lean transformation in operations across the enterprise... Banking services while achieving cost reduction in lean banking case study 20 percent did we mention the overall savings, recurred... Elimination of waste derived out of non-necessary analysis Fornell et AL fell 20 percent of branch organization capacity principles been! Lean banking-operations templates to reveal more than 20 percent lean turnaround of DBS bank in Singapore chairman. Words: Paul Cobban, Chief Operating Officer, technology and operations, DBS bank real environment! Force—Were hampered Lab has helped some of the impact of bringing lean transformation. Banking enterprise often performed tasks that were Duplicated in back office by 50 percent an eye opener in putting thinking... Mortgage business banking improvement – implementation Examples some areas, the Lab operations – 7-month.. Required branch transformation value, elimination of waste derived out of non-necessary analysis non-technology improvements across the enterprise operations as.

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