She thrives on finding inexpensive ways to DIY her own home into a stylish yet family-friendly space. Instead, create a blanket that is smaller in scale that the child can clutch in its hands for comfort and sensory stimulation. Another creative idea to make a charming summer wrap or light sweater for your baby. OR you can make your own bias tape. But my blanket knitted up … This is what your reversible inside-out fold quilt looks like. Comments (2) Add Comment View Comments. Or you can say it’s a yard and a half and the full width of the fabric. The goal is to have the two corner points align, with no raw edges showing. Yet, it’s perfect for hot summer nights as well. Yes, you can add the lovely blue yarn fringes to your sky blue throw blanket and make it look so stunning and gorgeous and simply styled up on your own. We’re in it for the hammocks and lemonade around here. Just browse the entire list and see what amazing we have got for you here! Here is the link to check out the details of the idea with easy steps and the instructions shwinandshwin, These comfy and warm blankets are so much lovable for providing us some comfortable seating on the chair and the or sofa when you just want to relax with your body warmly covered. Cotton yarn crochet is a top choice when you want to create light items like springtime garments, summer shawls, and all-season blankets. designmom, With some really little and cute touches of beauty you can charm up almost any thing around and here is the idea of jazzing up a throw blanket that it so boring and dull that overlooked by everyone around. Place right-side down on a large working surface (aka, the floor). Cut out one 7" square from each corner of both fleece pieces. I suck at arm knitting. Your Summer Self will approve.). I love how easy it is to make the no-sew fleece blankets. Shop now! SO if you got some pieces of the fabric lying around then here is the idea of using them and create a fun patchwork throw out of them and enjoy this adorable and cute blanket to picnic on in your patio or the garden or a public part. Cut the fabric down to the length you need. It is also perfect for any item that might get wet, whether that's a crochet swimsuit or a kitchen towel. So pick up your sewing materials and make this perfect summer beach blanket for your family! Sew the handles, pockets, buttons and loops. Make a super cute baby blanket with this simple baby receiving blanket. It had a nice weight to it! Fold the blanket into thirds by bringing the long, left side in one-third of the way. Here we are not to talk about buying the expensive summer special throws, quilts and blankets; here we will only talk about that how you can trim down your expenditures by making your special throw blankets for summer at home! Now pin every 8”-10” or so around the perimeter of your quilt at the point of the shortest piece of fabric/batting. As you go, make sure you surge off the unwanted branding on the edges and use the line you drew as a guide to round the corners. Each fold of the bias tape should be 1/2 inch wide. Weighted Blanket Tips . There are many items out there that are season-specific, but here we’ll only talk about the throw blankets that are often to use in the chilly days to bring warmth and coziness to yourself and your interiors also! Make your fun summer nights more comfy and warm with this gorgeous and cozy blanket that you can easily make yourself at home and also style it up. Use a ruler to plant your pins a specific distance from the center line (example used 12”, although I’d recommend 10” for a more centered look). I don’t know about your household, but our bedding needs change significantly with each season. Right sides should face each other. crafts • holidays. These Blobs Are Actually Clever Data Visualizations. With your seam ripper, gently loosen the threads on the edge of the blanket and remove to create fringe. You can cut out the colorful continents of the world on some colorful fabrics and then sew them on the white blanket and get this gorgeous world quilt to get yourself comfortable and cozy in. When you’re done, snip both thread ends at each stitch. This is what your new folded “edge” will look like before you sew. (Pin these.) Doesn’t really matter) to create a folded hem-type edge. A snuggly, warm blanket makes a great homemade gift idea. Lightweight Baby Blanket Tutorial This lightweight, yet cozy blanket will make any little one feel comfortable, especially during warmer seasons when a heavier weight blanket is just too much. 4. This one has turned out to be so damn gorgeous and cool, and your little would just fall in huge love with it.Just click on the link here to know the step by step details of this brilliant idea powerfulmothering, Flannel is a great fabric to be used for the warm wrap up s around the shoulders and the neck and stay so much cozy in the cool summer nights while you are lounging outside in the porch or the patio. 2. Here’s your quilt. Jersey is a knit fabric, like what t-shirts are made of. Your email address will not be published. This breathable summer blanket is made from 100% ring spun cotton and has zero chemicals or synthetic materials — so you can feel good about leaving one … My instructions are a bit different from what they supply, simply because I chose a different knitting method. I’ll warn you: It’s easiest if you sew the pins in some sort of pattern so you can keep track of what you’ve already done and what safety pins still need stitches. The last thing you want to do during a warm summer night is sleep underneath a thick blanket. Summer Boardwalk Baby Blanket. Sew these edges together, one Fabric C strip on each long side of Fabric A. Pins will wrap around the entire perimeter of your quilt. Consider cutting the fabric about 6 inches (15.24 centimeters) longer and wider than you want it to be. This DIY picnic blanket and tutorial works great to sit on at the park and then rolls up and straps closed for easy storing and transporting. It all depends on your preferences. It would make a adorable gift too so do hack the idea here abeautifulmess, Crocheting with the arm is so much fun and quick and easy to then doing it with the needles. If you need a super snuggly and comfortable receiving blankets, there is nothing better than these DIY project from Ella Claire Inspired. There is no flipping of the quilt involved. The best DIY Crafts posted daily on various DIY projects like DIY home decor, kids crafts, free crochet patterns, woodworking and lots of life hacks! Pin along the very center, lengthwise, of your quilt body. Because this tutorial isn’t that. Lay your quilt out flat, pull everything taut and smooth, then cut around the edges at the shortest fabric edge. Make a bandanna picnic blanket! Comments (2) Add Comment View Comments. Next, fold your top fabric (plus batting, unless you did batting with the bottom fabric) down so the folded edge aligns evenly with the bottom folded edge. So add the heavy and gorgeous black yarn tussles to your throw blanket and add so much to its beauty and fashion and that too on your own. Flip the quilt right-sides-out, and poke out all corners to be square. Each safety pin marks a point where you will make a small stitch with your machine, about 1” long, to hold things together. Smooth and pull everything taut. Shop for lightweight summer blankets at Bed Bath & Beyond. It doesn’t fray or unravel like regular cotton fabric. Here is this pretty idea of making a heart throw and the hack is just simple.All you need to so is just cut out smaller and bigger shapes of the heart with the cardboard and then pain them up over the blanket in simple and straight rows and get the awesome eye-catching results. Perfect for all your summer fun! I made her some receiving blankets. This blanket measures approximately 34" x 40" and is great for … I am making them in colors that work with my outdoor decor! This will be one side of your quilt. Feel free to cut the corner fabrics in a triangle (don’t cut the corner seam itself), to eliminate some of the bulk that will happen when you turn the quilt right-sides-out. Yes, you can add the contrasting colored pom-pom laces to the edges of the flannels and add so much to their beauty and charm. So if you need a new blanket for anyone in the family, then we got you this really easy, cheap and fun idea of creating a blanket for you to get your hands on. Here’s the beauty of this cozy flannel blanket… you can make it any color, size and weight that works for you. We're big fans of the benefits of weighted blankets to help with kid sleep issues, but oof, they're pricey. Take your piece of Fabric B (2.5 yards of 60” wide, or the equivalent of 45” pieced together like the first section). To make the fringe, cut 7" into fleece at 1" intervals around all sides of both top and bottom. Cut two pieces of jersey fabric 4” larger around than you want your finished blanket size. This is critical for this to work. That’s where having multiple lightweight bedspreads comes in handy. Smooth out all sides. makezine. You can add a Velcro closure to this blanket arms for cozy swaddling. So here is how you can make your comfy blanket look beautiful and fun too by adding the pom lace to the edges of the blanket in any of your favorite hues that match your bedding or the sofas of your lounge room. Sew with a small stitch length to keep the filler beads in place. You can cut all the things in feasible patches and then sew them together to form up this pretty and unique looking throw which would be just immense cozy and warm to stay under and get yourself comfortable in the cooler evenings and cold nights.Check out the complete project details here alisaburke, It’s time to bust your stash of the old jeans and get something functional and gorgeous out of it like this adorable and comfortable blanket have been made out of the colored pairs of the jeans. The waist and the sewing lines on the legs of the jeans have been cut down, and then the long leggy parts of the jeans have been sewed together in a cool color pattern with a grey edging making it look more stunning and cute. Crochet is a popular needle craft that uses a hook and yarn or thread. Shapes cut from a variety of cream-colored felted sweaters are pieced together to create a 3 1/2-by-5-foot blanket. Next, pin the 2 pieces of fleece together so the batting is in the middle, and cut out 3 inch squares from each corner. Peppered all over the quilt body, which means your quilt is now finished. Grasp the fabric and fold it over to the right as though you were starting to make a fan. So on nights when it cools down too much, I just add an extra blanket underneath. I can see this as a great way to make a quick picnic blanket, too. My daughter will probably flip it to the more flowery side, but I wanted to be able to show photos of what this one looks like. Lay Fabric A down flat on a large working surface (ahem, or the floor), right side up. Because it get a whole lot of fabric bunched up with this method. Lift your pressure foot and carefully spin your entire quilt fabric 90 degrees. With a nice lacy appearance, this stitch blanket pattern can be easily adjusted to any width and length. Moreover, blankets are not merely to wrap around your body to get the required amount of heat; you can also use them for the picnic purposes; the picnic blankets are very popular around the globe! To simplify it even more, tie the blanket instead of quilting it! It would take a bit more time than a regular quilt sewing project, but the results just all worth it so do try it at home. 9. Always check all three layers to make sure you’re catching the shortest layer. Find the perfect summer tote bag to bring to the beach! At the same time, it shouldn’t be so warm as to cause you to wake up in a sweat from overheating. Moreover, you can also tie-dye your old blankets to make special picnic blankets, and you can also put together various of your old colorful sweaters to make an enticing patchwork sweater blanket that will rock every of your interior style! Already done. Few things keep you warm and cozy quite like a homemade blanket.Whether you're trying to warm up on cold winter mornings or summer evenings when the air conditioning becomes a bit too chilly, a great quilt or throw blanket is something you'll reach for all year long. Blanket 1. Best Sewing Minky Tips Fabric – How to Make a Soft Baby Blanket Sewing Minky Tips – Find out how to sew easily with minky and make soft blankets and toys. #summer #combin #travel #love #photography #photooftheday #nature #instagood #beautiful #picoftheday #art #fashion #beach #travelphotography #happy […] This popular Amazon pick is a super lightweight fleece blanket that comes in … Helpful tips to make sewing with minky fabric easier. Here the list will guide yours for every hack that you can use to make a cost-efficient throw or blanket at home, and you will also find here the amazing tricks that can be used to decorate your finally finished throw blankets like a pro! These are so quick and easy to … I like the simplicity of this method, lots and lots. Founded back in 2015 by Donna Durham and her son Josh Durham. I happen to really like the straight seams, even amidst a more abstract pattern. Learn how to make a very easy baby receiving blanket. I love summer so much! Who can tell it only took an hour or two to make? Turn the blanket right side out, press the edges and topstitch around the edges to keep them from rolling. In other words, your two fabric pieces should have the right sides facing outward, with the batting sandwiched in the middle against the two wrong sides. If desired, you can topstitch all the way around the perimeter of the blanket, in addition to the opening, to make the look consistent. Sometimes when you get to a corner, the shortest fabric will switch (as in, another fabric might be shorter all of a sudden). Ooh, I need to mention corners. This instructive tutorial shows you how to make a custom sized receiving blanket in no time. Make sure that both pieces match up perfectly. This is a great sewing project for beginners. I thought for a picnic week it would be fun to try our hand at indigo tie dying ourselves and make a summery picnic blanket to enjoy a day at the park or beach this summer. Let us know in the comments below! The material is thin and extremely soft and smooth. Finish the edges. STEP 5. One of the worst things about fleece blankets however, is that some fleece blankets shed or pill when washed or dried. Now start sewing the perimeter where you’ve pinned. Have fun picking the yarn colors and beginning your crochet stitch pattern today! Aside from a warm baby blanket, you can make scarves, hats, sweaters, and pillowcases. Pin in place. 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Fold the right side in over the top so the outer right hem lines up with the outside left fold. Perfect for all your summer fun! The first one is the inside-out flip method. This tutorial will walk you through two quilt-sewing methods. Buy top selling products like Kenneth Cole Reaction Home Reversible Cotton Blanket and UGG® Olympia Chenille Knit Throw Blanket. by Tiffany Hewlett on July 9th, 2019 | 4 Comments » I LOVE summer! (In this instance, precision doesn’t take any more time or effort than non-precision, if you’re using a ruler anyway. Instead of marking squares on a large piece of fabric for the blanket front, you can sew squares to make a patchwork weighted blanket. These receiving blankets are so easy, that I just had to share. Take the cuttings from the towel, which we have alrwady trimmed to make the pillowcase. Stop your seam about 3” before the end of your shortest fabric edge. Lay your batting (cut in the same way as shown in Method 1) flat on top of the wrong side of your Fabric AC, then lay your Fabric B piece on top of that with the right-side facing up. Your stitches will look something like this. I recommend starting about 10” after a corner; the corners can be used to prettily make up any differences that may occur during sewing the sides. A good blanket should also have a nice feel and an appearance that meshes with the style of your bedroom or living room. These corners may turn out perfectly. I don’t roll that way right now; I pinned several feet to get a feel for it, but then I decided I could sew the rest by feel. Just simply sew up your throw blanket and then add the pom poms of the matching colors to the edges of the blanket and its all jazzed up. I hope you enjoy your DIY reversible summer quilts, too…almost as much as you enjoy your summer itself. One of our favorite summer activities is Sew these edges together, one Fabric C strip on each long side of Fabric A. This summer my sister had her first baby. Easily create a no knot fleece blanket in no time with this method! Iron the pleat to make it precise. Fold the edges of the opening in and pin them in place. This lacy crochet baby blanket is perfect for the summer and a great addition to any nursery. With covers, I think if you get really hot, opt for a lightweight cotton or linen blanket for summer (with or without a top sheet). You can do what works best for you. degree in English/Technical Writing), and a lover of interior design. Sewing this Summer Blanket 1. The star has been cut out of blue colored fabric with the white base of the blanket and thus turning it into a cool and fun looking throw especially for the kids, and it can aptly be used for the gifting too. Steps: Step 1: Wash and dry your fabric. I find that the ones from the store are too small and of poor quality most of the time. Just a quick fold of the fabric every now and then, to keep your bearings. It’s crisp, orderly, and keeps everything in line. thegirlinspired, Upholstering is so much a fun technique to beautify so many ugly things around and so is the case with a throw blanket that everybody just loves to snuggle up in around the cool weather. I made a blanket using two pieces of fleece that were 1 3/4 yards each, so the blanket I made ended up measuring roughly 57 X 60. Having thin layers available will make it easier for you to stay cooler or warmer as the temperature outside changes. Lay your fabric out flat again. This tutorial will show you two very simple, informal ways to throw together a lightweight comforter for the summer season. We need to take care of that opening first thing. (Sorry about the lighting shift at my sewing machine in these photos.). Your DIY beach towel blanket is ready! For anyone searching for the right summer weighted blanket or just wondering if a weighted blanket even exists that does not cause body temps to fluctuate, we have good news! Just make a sew stitch at the perimeter of the flannel throw and then cut out the fringes out of it and it’s done.You can check out the complete details of the idea right on this link to make it easily and quickly at home thegirlinspired, If you also have the picnic weeks in your society parks then having some cute and gorgeous picnic blankets should be on your to-do list for the picnic week. So your quilt sandwich, at this point, will look like this from the ground up: Fabric AC right-side up, Fabric B right-side down, batting.

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