Unlike most other zip line adventures, you will need approximately two to three minutes to reach the bottom; long enough to catch sight of the massive stony mountain and the bright, blue sky. Tel: (07) 204 6250. An immediate investigation into the accident has been ordered by Sheikh Saud bin Al Qasimi, Supreme Council Member and ruler of Ras Al Khaimah, the Emirate to the north of Dubai. A SAR-configured Leonardo AW139 crashed Saturday after clipping the world’s longest zipline on Jebel Jais Mountain in the United Arab Emirate of Ras Al … Check Availability . The incident happened halfway through the victim's zipline journey when "the lock on his body harness and the main line broke", plunging the Canadian from the height of 12 meters. This 2.8 km record-breaking attraction hangs 1680 meters above sea level, the highest point of the UAE, travelling up to 160 kilometres per hour between the mountains of Jebel Jais in Ras Al Khaimah. Summer Offer 50% off on Jebel Jais Flight Zipline in Ras Al Khaimah July is getting HOT! Thomas smith runs a place in new York. Pregnant women not allowed to do the activity. This combo package is happening till the end of December 2018, running two days a week. Simply pay with your RAKislamic Credit or Debit Card to avail the discount. Adventure Featured 0 Comments 0. The zip line opened in RAK only last February and at its start is 1,680m above sea level on top of Jebel Jain mountain. The operation will resume in October. The zip line industriest maitest there for more than 500 million rides every year. Our two main challenges were the short build time – two and a half weeks for a very high-quality interior fit-out–and getting materials up the mountain where the zip line begins. Ras Al Khaimah’s zipline at Jebel Jais is temporarily closed due to a hailstorm. Prior booking required, confirmation mail will be sent immediately after booking. Guests are required to report to the departure point a minimum of 30 minutes before the scheduled departure of the Tour. Rides on the world's longest zipline in Ras Al Khaimah have been cancelled following the devastating helicopter crash in the Jais mountains. Hurry! Viraj Asher October 28, 2018. Sundays: RAK to Dubai at 11:15 am. World's Longest Zipline - Discover the Lesser Known Beauty of UAE with this Zip Line Experience at Jebel Jais, RAK and enjoy the most breath taking views of the Jabel Jais Mountain in Ras al Khaimah the highest peak of the UAE. RAK Zipline World's Longest Zipline by Dream Days Tourism LLC. The shuttle costs AED 30 per pax with facilities like free wifi and free water bottles on board. Previous image, 6 total items. The RAK Tourism Development Authority also confirmed visitors were safe. Prior booking is a must. RAK Zipline Closes Due To Hailstorm. The team at RAK zipline goes that extra mile, guaranteeing 100% safety of tourists at all points. "All evidence will be sent to the forensic office," Sarakin told AFP, adding that no one has yet been charged for the fatal accident. Thrill-seekers and adrenaline junkies will travel at speeds of up to 120kph to 150kph at a height of 1,680 metres above sea level on […] From Hotel Tulip in RAK, you can easily arrange for a vehicle to Jebel Jais. From Wednesday May 1, prices for the zipline start from Dhs341.25, down from Dhs650. About RAK Jebel Jais Zipline: Ras al Khaimah Jebel Jais zipline is the World’s Longest Zipline Certified by Guinness World Records! auzma q wrote a review Dec 2020. Jebel Jais Flight: The World’s Longest Zipline, Jebel Jais, Ras Al Khaimah, Dhs650. Highlights. Come to enjoy BEAUTIFUL views on a COOL Mountain Top at the World’ If you want to find out exactly how it feels to hurtle down from the UAE’s highest point, with some of the most incredible views you’ll find anywhere in the country, then check out the video of Team Time Out taking on the challenge – shot when the zipline first opened back in January 2018. Get 30% OFF Jebel Jais Flight and Jebel Jais Zipline Tour at Ras Al Khaimah. Athletic clothing is recommended. Take in the UAE’s tallest mountain in the most exciting way with Jebel Jais Flight! RAK Zipline Rides Are CANCELLED Following The Tragic Helicopter Crash In The RAK Mountains. Take a ride on the longest zipline in the world certified by the Guinness World Records with free roundtrip transfer services from your hotel to Ras Al Khaimah. December 30, 2018 at 7:30 am. Adrenaline junkies can test their nerves on the world's longest zip line in Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates. Hailstorm on Jebel Jais. The incident happened halfway through the victim’s zipline journey when “the lock on his body harness and the main line broke”, plunging the Canadian from the height of 12 meters. Indulge in spectacular views of The Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Eye and the coastal line from the 170m high platform and fly through the high rise towers and urban setting of Dubai Marina. Minimum height: 1.22 meters Minimum weight: 40 kilos Maximum weight 130 kilos Please arrive 30 minutes prior to your Jebel Jais Flight's starting time to Toroverde Ras Al Khaimah's parking lot (map). Ride the Longest Urban Zipline The XLine Dubai Marina, one of the top thrilling attractions in Dubai voted top 10% worldwide by Trip Advisor for the second year in a row. Then, in October 2015, a tourist reportedly broke her neck during a bizarre accident at Flying Squirrels, when two tourists were intentionally placed on the same zip line. offer valid until 31st January 2020 The world’s longest zipline in Ras Al Khaimah is now reopened after it was closed down late last month The Ras Al Khaimah Jebel Jais Zipline reopens | WOW-RAK WOW-RAK Explore Ras Al Khaimah with us. RAK zipline’s team, Toroverde says the zipline has undergone a comprehensive assessment, including repairs and tests to ensure it maintains high levels of safety. If you're traveling from Dubai to Ras Al Khaimah, you can use the luxury shuttle that will drop you from Dubai Airport to Hotel Tulip in RAK. Thanks to the team, not a single accident or misfortune incident has occurred in Zipline Flight 4). A rescue helicopter has crashed near the world's longest zipline in the UAE, killing its crew. UAE helicopter crash leaves four dead after chopper ‘smashes into world’s longest zip line ... the Agusta 139 rescue helicopter was speeding towards an emergency before the horrific accident. A rep from Toroverde said, “Toroverde ran a full assessment of any damage to the zip line park, cables and infrastructure and has conducted the necessary repairs and tests. Fridays: Dubai to RAK at 10:15 am. A spokesman said: "The tragic chopper collision took place 50 minutes after the closure of the zipline." Next image, 6 total items. By Caitlyn. RAK Mall: Tickets & Tours ... facilities driving experience breathtaking views winding road road trip mountain goats fresh air united arab emirates longest zip line google maps al khaima family and friends very nice place camping jebel temperature. The Zipline Flight is performed under professional expertise with proper safety gears, proper belts, and flying suits. Duration: 1h Free cancellation available No Booking Fees Print Voucher Print Voucher . The tragic accident occurred on December 29, when the Agusta 139 rescue helicopter crashed into the mountainside at around 5.50pm after hitting the zipline. "We got to the fifth platform and there were two couples behind us. Book with Klook to discounted prices on your next extreme sports adventure! per adult Price is $109 $109. Wow so the Rio Hotel has a zipline called the rio voodoo zipline , I guess “voodoo” should have kept you away automatically but it didn’t. This attraction at the ecological adventure park of Toroverde Ras al Khaimah is the Guinness World Records holder for the longest zipline in the world, as it beats Puerto Rico’s Monster Zipline of 2,530-meter-long. A woman who fell 35 feet to her death from a zip line platform had disconnected herself from the safety system, the attraction's operator said Thursday. Mystery surrounds deaths of Gold Coast bikies; One in four teens experience psychological distress, according to new report; American couple Samantha Salyer and Joseph Maghe had just finished the same section of the tour and watched in horror as the couple fell. Father-of-three Dean Sanderson was ticking off a bucket list item when his ziplining adventure through the Daintree went horribly wrong, with a snapped cable sending him to his death. Drivers and hikers warned not to head for the mountain. In April 2018, our Middle East & Asia team won the award for ‘Best Temporary Venue or Structure’ for the temporary welcome centre at the RAK Zipline, at the Middle East Special Event & ExhibitionShow Awards. “All evidence will be sent to the forensic office,” Sarakin told AFP, adding that no one has yet been charged for the fatal accident. About Jebel Jais The UAE’s highest peak, Jebel Jais is part of the spectacular Hajar mountain range that were formed over 70 million years ago in the eastern part of … The Longest Zipline In The World Ras Al Khaimah’s Jebel Jais – the highest mountain in the UAE, is home to the World’s Longest Zipline, certified by the Guinness World Records! Accident or murder?