Archived. Smooth Clean Rocks. The plant is real but you can't remove it. Sidney Post #8535905. Have also found fake flowers glued to cactus at WM! 16. Close. Read on to find out all you need to know about what's super special about this plant and how to care for it. Norma Pensacola, Florida Norma, If it... Read more » Just bought a lovely cactus from IKEA in an attempt to save it, but am yet to work out a good way to remove the gravel they have glued down above … Press J to jump to the feed. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts If you peel off the glued rocks and replace the soil, be sure to give it a well well drained aerating soil (for example, one that has lots of those white bits.) Choose Smooth Rocks 2. Making DIY gravel glue. … Don’t leave the glued rocks on the surface of the soil. I was at walmart the other day checking to see what plants they were selling, and I noticed a couple of ficus bonsais and a few others that had no labels except "bonsai" Anyways I attempted to move aside the top layer of rocks surrounding the bonsai to check what kind of soil they were planted in, but could not because apparently the whole layer of rocks on top are glued together by something. This layer will prevent water from reaching your soil and will kill your tree. The plant is real but you can't remove it. When you are choosing the rocks, take into consideration the size and shape of the pot you will use to feature your faux cacti. I was in walmart yesterday and fell prey to this really cute supposed bonsai plant. If you think crested euphorbia looks like two plants in one, you're right: The silvery-gray crest is one plant grafted on another. Many of the bonsai plants found at places other than real bonsai nurseries are sold with the soil covered by a hard layer of glued pebbles. I’ve only recently learned about gravel glue and that it can be used not only for craft projects but outdoors on top of your stone pathways, rock beds and gravel driveways to keep your stones in place. But I bought it and I will take care of it. Should I transplant it to another withhold and if so, how to do it? Thank you for information you can provide! Potting Pebbles for Succulents. u/VinegarLlamas. podster Deep East Texas, TX(Zone 8a) May 02, 2011. Bookmark. 2 years ago. I researched through the web and found out that it was in fact not a true bonsai, which i all ready suspected. The cactus however does not need this to live. Posted by. There’s various pebble binders you can buy pre-made, for large areas outdoor. If you're looking for a unique, but easy-to-grow houseplant, check out crested euphorbia. Is this normal for store plants? Quote. The Coral Cactus, a.k.a Euphorbia lactea 'Cristata' made an appearance as our Luxury Indoor plant of the month for August of 2019. I read somewhere that because they glue these rocks on the top of the plant soil, it's highly likely that the plant will die. I have a group of similar mini cactus. Succulents are a variety of cactus that is simple to grow. Anyone know why the rocks super glued into this pot? Apart from its striking appearance, this is an incredibly unique plant, for one main reason. Anyone know why the rocks super glued into this pot? I have had euphoria lacteafor almost 9months. No change or growth in 9 months. It has glued rocks to support and has no hole in bottom of pot. It will be a more interesting display if you choose different sizes and shapes. I broke chunks of glued rock off the Gasteraloe plant (Lowes) and found it was horribly overwatered. Remove this as soon as you can! You will need smooth clean rocks.