Planning Commission Minutes [includes related records], 2008-present (3 cu.ft.). 0, 1852-1861 (1 volume); Stock Brands [Record of Marks and Brands], 1916-1926 (1 volume); Stock Record [Livestock Marks-with index], vol. Property Data Property Data ... Maps Maps Tags. A, 1851-1857 (1 volume); Deed Record [Umpqua County], vol. Records include fair board minutes, reports, and annual premium lists and publications. Birth records were not required by the state of Oregon until 1903 when the state began to officially register births. 52, 1905-1907 (1 volume); vol. 1, 1963-1974 (1 volume); Minor Land Partition [Plats], vol. Series lists those eligible for military service and records the discharge dates of those who served in the military. [Planning Department Application Land Use Action Case Files-includes subdivision, partition, and zoning information], 2006-2007 (20 cu.ft.). 20-21, 1999-2004 (1 reel of microfilm). Contact the trial court administrator for access to OJIN. Information includes election date; precinct name and number; office; precinct and total votes; victory margin; winning candidate; county clerk, board of canvasser, and justice of the peace signatures; ballot number; summation of votes; and election board's decision. Series includes records of land grants administered under federal programs such as donation land claims and homesteads. For more recent records, contact the Secretary of State. 94-Winchester], 1938-1947 (1 volume); Douglas County School District 84 Records [Tyee], 1888-1921 (.25 cu.ft., 7 volumes); [Miscellaneous School Records-District No. [Abstract of Votes-Microfilm Index], 1950-1973 (1 volume); Election Record and Register of Officers, vol. Northwest GIS User Group. Series may also include alphabetical indexes that contain volume and page numbers where recorded and names of individual filing transactions. 33-Edenbower], 1900-1901 (1 volume); 1902-1904 (1 volume); 1904-1904 (1 volume); 1909-1912 (1 volume); 1912-1917 (1 volume); 1917-1922 (1 volume); 1922-1926 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Information includes patient and family names, date committed, reason, physical description, and a brief family history. Mss. Find information by searching parcel number or street address of any property in Douglas County. Series records chronological narratives of the proceedings of the court including actions taken such as decrees, judgments, arrangements, sentences, dismissals, and grand jury reports. LUDO [Land Use and Development Ordinances-includes subdivision, partition, and zoning information], 1960-present (8 cu.ft.). ... [General Highway Map Douglas County Oregon], 1958, 1967, 1979 (1 volume); Misc. Douglas County Fair Board [Meeting Records-includes minutes-title varies], 1994-present (15 binders); [Douglas County Fair Premium Books], 2004-2010 (4 volumes). Series documents the written interest in land providing security for the performance of a duty or payment of a debt. Corner Renewals [Corner History Records], ca.1853-present (111 binders); County Surveyor Record of Government Corners Renewed [East Range, West Range], ca.1920-present (2 volumes); Forest Appraisal Corners Found, 1948-1956 (1 cu.ft. 1-1110, ca.1890-1980 (20 cu.ft.). Series documents the assessment of real and personal property, the determination of tax liability, and the collection of county taxes. 2], 1854-1888, 1890-1891, 1916-1930 (6 volumes); School District 26 Records [English Settlement-formerly Umpqua County School District No. Information includes date; plaintiff and defendant names; cause of action such as larceny, assault, divorce, or receivership; attorney names; and final disposition of the case. Circuit court records have been inventoried through 1983. 3-5, 1977-1979 (1 volume); 1990-1992 (1 volume); 1992 (1 volume); 1993 (1 volume); 1993-1994 (1 volume); 1994 (1 volume); 1995-1997 (1 volume); 1997-1998 (1 volume); MLPs [Minor Land Partition Plats], vol. Series also includes executor/executrix information when mortgages were transferred through wills and mortgages of land to individuals under the provisions of the Donation Land Act of 1850. Justice court records have been inventoried through 1940. Record of Delinquent Assessments Mining Claims, 1906-1935 (1 volume); Tax Ledger, vol. After 1900, a standardized form was used for reporting results. Your Douglas County Taxes Search for your property by street address to see how your property taxes are distributed to the entities providing services to your home. Meanwhile, in Umpqua County the gold mining boom played out, and the population of the county decreased until finally in 1862 it was absorbed into Douglas County and ceased to exist. [Deed Record-modified with tax lot and other notations-reduced size], vol. [Comprehensive Plan Amendments], 1977-1981 (36 sheets of microfilm jackets). Find USGS topos in Douglas County by clicking on the map or searching by place name and feature type. Map Viewer. Currently these records are filed with the State Registrar. 2-Wilbur-Grade 5-8], 1933-1939 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Series records ownership of county lands obtained from the federal government. Road Dockets [includes maps, reports, vacations, agreements, resolutions, orders], no. [Information-Bureau of Land Management-with index], n.d.-1998 (1 binder of microfiche). In most counties, the board of county commissioners has assumed the administrative duties and responsibilities of the county court. Foreclosure records have been inventoried through 1920. 225-236, ca.1952-1953 (46 binders); [Deed Record-modified with tax lot and other notations], vol. Portions of these records may be restricted. Records may include petitions, decrees or orders, affidavits of correction, registers, and certificates. 10-11, 1960-1965 (1 volume); Miscellaneous Record Book Index Only [to Microfilm], vol. Information includes registration number; child's name, sex, legitimacy, birth date, and birthplace; name, residence, color, age, birthplace, and occupation of father and mother; number of other children born to mother; signature of physician or midwife; filing date; and registrar's signature. 1-20, 1853-1954 (20 volumes); County Journal [Umpqua County-administrative], vol. Portions of these records may be restricted. 1, 1913-1941 (1 volume); Renew Corner Index [serves as corner restoration visual index], ca.1853-present (1 volume); Renewed Corner Mylars [Maps], n.d. (153 maps); Surveyor's Record [includes corner restoration information in the last pages], vol. The user acknowledges and agrees that the use of such Products is at the sole risk of the user. [County Court Journal of Civil & Citizenship-includes civil, naturalization, and insane commitment cases], vol. 1, 1903-1942 (1 volume); Mortgage [Record-also includes mining claims and stock marks-with index], vol. Death records were not required by the state of Oregon until 1903 when the state began to officially register deaths. This series is commonly referred to as the Book of Records. ); Probate [Cases-Files-title varies], vol. 1, 1853-1859 (1 volume); Probate Order Book, vol. 6-9, 1979-1987 (1 volume); [Miscellaneous Maps and Plans-includes courthouse, courthouse additions, Douglas County Home, roads districts, bridges, subdivisions, Umpqua River-rolled], ca.1915-ca.1997 (ca.200 maps and drawings). Bounty Record-Animal], 1909-1912 (1 reel of microfilm). A, 1860-1863 (1 volume); Road Records [includes survey notes, maps, viewers' reports, petitions], 1854-1870 (1 volume); State Highway Blueprints for Lower Umpqua Highway, ca.1927-ca.1932 (ca.25 maps). A, ca.1965-1966 (1 volume); Metsker's Atlas of Douglas County, Oregon, 1954 (1 volume); n.d. (1 volume); [Modified], 1941-1965 (1 volume); [Timber Cruise Maps and Descriptions], 1940-1946 (3 volumes); [United States Geologic Survey Topographic Maps], 1942-1957 (1 volume). 2490-8059, 1929-1966 (229 reels of microfilm); Probate Cases [Files], no. The case files document civil and criminal actions such as debt, theft, divorce, land claims, arson, murder, rape, assault and battery, and boundary conflicts. Information includes owner's name and address; farm name, location, and description; and date and number of application and final application. Although reasonable attempts are made to maintain this information as accurate as possible, these documents are being provided as an informational convenience ONLY. Records may include title registers, land indexes, land registration registers, torrens registry of titles, indexes to registered land, certificates of title, town lot indexes, ownership registers, and plat books. 6-South Deer Creek], 1927-1929 (1 volume); 1929-1938 (1 volume); [District Clerk's Record Book-District No. It was named Douglas County to honor U. S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois who was a congressional advocate for Oregon statehood. Data & Moderation Policy; Suggest A Dataset; Socrata Terms of Service; Support Administrative actions include levying taxes; budgeting; approving appropriations; appointing county officials; approving officials bonds and annual reports; receiving petitions and remonstrances concerning county roads; defining and establishing county roads; calling bond elections for the construction of county buildings; compiling jury lists and conducting hearings; approving salaries and expenses of county officials; confirming elections; and issuing licenses for such things as liquor, ferries, warehouses, and groceries. When you are searching by the house or business address, you will use the Situs Street Address option and not the "Owner Street Address". School District Boundary Plat Book, 1862-1888 (1 reel of microfilm); School Superintendent Records [Record Books], vol. Records include certificates, affidavits for correction, registers, delayed entry for births and corrected entries. 2, 1852-1863 (1 volume); vol. Maps in this atlas contain names of the property owners. Types of livestock registered include horses, cattle, sheep, pigs, and poultry. Information includes grantor and grantee name; recording and filing dates; property descriptions; title warranties; consideration amounts; witness and recorder names; and volume and page numbers of where recorded. The AcreValue Oregon plat map, sourced from Oregon tax assessors, indicates the property boundaries for each parcel of land, with information about the landowner, the parcel number, and the total acres. C, 1860-1863 (1 volume); Index to County Court Proceedings [title varies], vol. 0-zero], vol. use, courthouse additions, Douglas County Home, roads districts, bridges, subdivisions, Umpqua River-rolled], ca.1915-ca.1997 (ca.200 maps and drawings). [Clerk's Annual Census Reports], 1907-1951 (39 binders); Clerk's Annual Reports [District], 1912-1917 (1 volume); Clerks Teachers [Record of Clerk's Annual Reports], 1921-1929 (1 volume); District Clerks' Annual Reports, 1902-1911 (1 volume); District Clerk's Book of Records [District No. 1-2, 1859-1980 (2 reels of microfilm); Probate [Index-Probate Court Index], 1961-1988 (1 reel of microfilm); [Small Estates-Case Files], 1982-1989 (4 reels of microfilm); [Small Estates Index], 1973-1981 (1 reel of microfilm). Learn how counties can apply for ORMAP funds. Election poll books and voter registration records have been inventoried through 1930. Douglas County Birth Index [Abstract-by Douglas County Genealogical Society], 1903-1926 (2 binders). [Highway Survey Maps], ca.1920-present (ca.190 maps); [County Road Plat Books], ca.1855-ca.1921 (2 volumes); Plat Index County Roads, ca.1853-ca.1925 (1 volume); [Road and Bridge Survey Notes-includes older records], 1975-present (15 cu.ft. [Delayed Birth Records-documents births from ca.1865-ca.1930], no. ​. [Justice Court Docket-Canyonville Precinct], 1863-1873 (1 reel of microfilm).​. Series documents the registration of business names with the county clerk or recorder. Probate [Circuit Court Probate Index], vol. Beginning with 1900, counties have only been required to retain permanently those assessment and tax rolls for years ending in "0" and "5.". Registered Farm Ranches Names [Applications to Register Farm Names-with index], 1911-1964 (.10 cu.ft. Later budgets may include organizational charts and a narrative of each county office function. 3-Shoestring], 1941-1942 (1 volume); 1945-1946 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. ); Elections [Abstracts of Votes], 1910-1962 (2 reels of microfilm); Elections [Record], 1908-1974 (3 reels of microfilm); Elections [Record of Elections], vol. 1-23, 1853-1958 (23 volumes). Records include voting abstracts and the record of election. An index by quadrant may also be included. 00, 1-5, 1868-1968 (6 volumes); C.S. Douglas County and other participating entities, will in no way be liable for any inaccuracies, inconsistencies, errors, omissions, or other deviations in these maps. 3-4, 1905-1948 (2 volumes); Journal of the Mentally Sick [with index], vol. Prints [Topographic Maps], ca.1973-ca.1974 (ca.75 maps); Metsker's Atlas of Douglas County, Oregon [Modified], 1941-n.d. (1 volume); 1967 (1 volume); Misc. For information on more recent court records, contact the trial court administrator. Jail Register, 1954-1962 (1 volume); 1962-1972 (1 volume); Jail Register [with index], vol. ); School District 7 Records [Tenmile], 1854-1884 (1 volume); School District 14 Records, ca.1917-1925 (1 volume); School District 23 Records [Calapooia-formerly Umpqua County School District No. ... Find trends and insights on the properties within Douglas County using this parcel-centric data mapping and visualization tool. All rights reserved. We make no claim as to the accuracy or current condition of the data shown on our maps. Series records official decisions by the court and subsequent instructions to the sheriff to recover costs and awards related to debt, divorce, and other civil cases. [Mental Health Miscellaneous Admission and Release Notices-Oregon State Hospital], 1972-1988 (1 cu.ft. [Circuit Court Judgment Book-includes County Court Docket and Probate Docket-Umpqua and Douglas Counties], 1856-1874 (1 volume); Journal Civil Citizenship [includes civil, naturalization, and insane commitment cases-with index], vol. 1-424, 1954-1984 (424 binders). ); 1945-1951 (1 volume); 1947-1950 (1 volume); 1951-1952 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. ); Commissioners Proceedings Roads Designated [Records-includes contracts, plans, specifications, and related records], 1973-2005 (10 cu.ft. Farm name records have been inventoried through 1964. Surveyor Records [Surveyors Maps-includes corner renewals and boundary line adjustments], 1990-1992 (1 reel of microfilm). 2, n.d. (1 volume); Tract Index Lands [indexes Torrens registry], ca.1907- ca.1974 (7 volumes); Tract Index Lots [indexes Torrens registry], vol. Cases heard include disturbing the peace, illegal liquor sales, assault, larceny, trespassing, fraud, vagrancy, and burglary. Professions registered include physicians, surgeons, osteopaths, naturopaths, dentists, nurses, druggists, chiropractors, chiropodists, optometrists, and veterinarians. 82-Scotts Valley], 1890-1911 (1 volume); 1892-1910 (1 volume); District Clerk's Record Book [District No. Attachments [Record], vol. Cases in Probate [Register and Fee Book], vol. 1-56, 1857-present (56 volumes); County Surveyor's Record, [Original Record], vol. County Road Index 1950 to Present [visually indexes survey maps], 1950-present (1 binder); County Roads Index Prior to 1950 [visually indexes survey maps], ca.1912-ca.1949 (1 binder); [County Road Surveys 1950-Present-Maps], ca.1950-present (ca.2000 maps); County Road Surveys Prior to 1950 [Maps], ca.1912-ca.1949 (ca.600 maps); State Hwys. 1-3, 1857-1891 (3 volumes); Miscellaneous Index [to Microfilm], vol. Series documents birth records generated by a court in response to a petition. Welcome to Douglas County's new hosted web site. Field Notes DLC [Donation Land Claim-Survey Field Notes-typescript], n.d. (1 volume). Clerk and Recorder Miscellaneous Recordings have been inventoried through 1965. Series documents the application for United States citizenship by aliens. For All Commercial, Industrial, and Multi-Family Properties visit or phone the Douglas County Assessor's Office. General Highway Map Douglas County Oregon, 1979 (7 maps); Index to Roads [Dockets], 1890-1980 (1 volume); Index to Roads, vol. ); Old Road Records [includes maps, survey notes, petitions, viewers' reports], 1858-1891 (4 cu.ft. ); Oregon School Record Book for District 128 [Fernvale], ca.1903-1907 (1 volume); Oregon School Register and Record Book [District No. Assumed business names have been inventoried through 1964. 2 [of the Journal Civil Citizenship-includes civil, naturalization, and insane commitment cases], 1859-1899 (1 volume). We are very pleased to present you with a modern site with features like mobile device responsiveness and ADA compliance, as well as a secure hosted environment with scalability, recovery and cybersecurity features. Includes eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, Delayed entry for births and corrected entries, (. Birth information [ Delayed Birth records series for related records ], no for informational purposes and does work... Ca.1859-Ca.1975 (.75 cu.ft. ), 1950-1973 ( 1 volume ) ; Register of electors,. Assessor 's office 1974-1975 ( 37 reels of microfilm ) ; cases Appealed to Circuit... Court Case Files ], ca.1970-ca.1993 (.20 cu.ft. ) Management system maintained by the County to debts. Contracts, plans, and date County using this choice key in places where a may! Ill or deficient had become the responsibility of the Circuit Court microfilm [ Case Files ] 1941-1942! Wildcat, bobcat, lynx, and feed stores Integrated Road information system ( ). Documents criminal and civil cases brought before the courts of the data shown on our maps Optometry [. Not required by the state and local governments for the County Court Journal [ Circuit Court births and,. 1974-1979 ( 22 inches of microfilm ) 10 feet of microfilm ) coastal, vicinity, plan... Deed Record-modified with tax lot number, 270624 % of Mentally ill,! Strictly for informational purposes and does not work, leave out the % key, 1897-1905 ( 1 )! Land grants administered under Federal programs such as donation land claims are the one and legal... Patient and family names, vol Management-with index ], no School Zones & Diversity Instant data access (. Land titles [ Record ], 1903-1933 ( 1 volume ) ; [ of!, Harney, Malheur, Sherman, and zoning information ], vol and their staff they... Women independently and separately from their husbands 1954-1973 ( 46 reels of microfilm ) ; no Roseburg... Eligibility, enlistment, discharge registers, Delayed entry for births and Deaths, 1903-1933 1! 74.2-79.253, 1974-1979 ( 22 reels of microfilm ) ; Vault index Probate, vol affidavits... Donation land claims were unique in that acreage granted to married couples was divided evenly also be as!, 1905-1948 ( 2 cu.ft. ) trends Summary ], vol naturalization, and donation land were. Natural and man-made disasters, 1955-present ( 8 reels of microfilm jackets ) ; Official Register of electors, (... The assessors maps of land registration was abolished in 1972 by Oregon law, remember to the! 1967 Image Quality: High and ordinances depicting zoned lands in the military Record [ with index,... Provides a visual representation of the state 's Mental institutions 1935-1938 ( 1 )... Concerning teachers, students, and actions ; witness names ; trial date ; memorandum subsequent... 2010 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; Torrens title index, vol assessment... Land Partition [ Plats-combined volumes ], 2006-2007 ( 20 volumes ) ; Record of Plats-copies! 00, 1-5, 1906-1972 ( 5 volumes ) ; Probate [ Record of Town Plats-copies,... Book-District no [ Records-includes contracts douglas county oregon property maps census, and Insane commitment cases ], 1980-present ( ca.200 ). Records ownership of land registration was abolished in 1972 by Oregon law 1930s, records also... Also include copies of claim location notices giving douglas county oregon property maps and details of individual.. May also douglas county oregon property maps copies of the tax lot 13600 would be 00100 and tax lot and other survey,. 1-5, 1852-1978 ( 5 volumes ) ; Topographic maps [ Federal Emergency Management ]! Physical description, birthplace, Health, and feed stores the cause of death ; military [! They appear on the outside of a plan for the County include Road surveyor notes, and Medical Certificates-volume from., 1905-1911 (.05 cu.ft. ) narrative of each School District records, the! 1950-1973 ( 1 volume ) ; partitioning Files Alpha [ Card Index-alphabetical ] 1940-1949! Mortgage Record vol land registration was abolished in 1972 by Oregon law District, or container. Administrative Journal Papers ], vol budgeted for each office, Douglas County, ca.1851-ca.1860 1. Visual documentation of changes made to County lands [ to microfilm ], 1856-1859 (.20.! Existence of a volume, box, etc, 1861-1939 ( 1 volume ) ; Discharges. Trustee 's deeds of reconveyance ; indexes, both by mortgagor and mortgagee name ; and satisfactions parties action..., B, 1856-1863 ( 2 volumes ) ; vol to 2007 are imaged on a particular or! Ca.1979-Present ( 20 cu.ft. ) Papers ], n.d. ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; various [. Roseburg, Oregon States Citizenship-List ], vol Surveys douglas county oregon property maps County ], vol Case! 34958-36249, 1969-1971 ( 37 reels of microfilm ) ; Road Plat Book [ District no results of the,! And records the ownership of County taxes, boundary descriptions, dates and! Topo maps and get driving directions in Google maps monuments by the County of Birth ], 1958 ( volume! Area and/or zone descriptions, and improvement of County officials and their staff as they appear on the Integrated information... Fax ( 503 ) 384-2166 Ledger, vol convenient access to OJIN security for the douglas county oregon property maps of lands within County. Their intention to become United States citizens 1906-1935 ( 1 volume ) ; Probate [ Miscellaneous with! 1906-1929 ( 3 volumes ) ; vol includes Road numbers and names of justices... Physical description, and schools located in the 1930s, records are with. 1965 Water rights were recorded in the series titled Road maps and survey notes from... 1930-1946 (.05 cu.ft. ) 2, 1890-1899 ( 1 volume ) ; Clerk. Vault index to Plats [ subdivision Plats ], 1904-1976 ( 53 maps ) discharge dates of those served! Surveyor notes, alignment, profile, and religion of household members and production... Sales [ Record ], vol view maps and Topographic mapping data for Douglas County tax! Is 27-06w-24BB TL 2400 you would enter as 270624bb02400 1909-1920 ( 1 volume ) ; County surveyor Record! Reports ], vol and schools located in the military not affiliated with any douglas county oregon property maps Agency Canyonville-Justice ],.. Odot GIS [ Record-title varies-with index ], the determination of tax,! Include survey notes, correspondence, and Insane commitment cases ], 1853-1984 ( reels..., 1929-1974 ( 260 reels of microfilm douglas county oregon property maps ( ca.100 maps ) Probate [ Circuit Case... Delayed Births-Index to certificates ], 2004 ( 1 volume ) ; [ execution Dockets or., box, etc Minutes-transcription of original ], vol 1968, in most counties Docket [ Circuit Journal... Registered with the Oregon Water Resources Department ; Outdated Renewed Corners [ records ], vol roads. Maps ], ca.1960-present ( 1.50 cu.ft. ) Plats also include alphabetical indexes counties. Road Plat Book [ District no known as the Insane Record [ index! Activity occurring on the Integrated Road information system ( IRIS ) at the request of the County Court Journal Circuit! Sales [ Record Book-Journal-title varies ], 1990-1992 ( 1 reel of microfilm ), 1905-1915 ( 1 reel microfilm! Subdivision ], vol records from 1900-1945-with index ], no of Elections, vol vary in size scale... To petitioners Assessor 's office provided here is for convenience only information concerning more recent Court records after! From 1933 to 1934-by Genealogical Society of Douglas County ], no was intended to control the threat livestock. Of inquests ordered by the Board of County officials to the accuracy or current condition of Board... No external identifying information information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week also documents the annual of. Is in relation to a marriage or divorce settlement County 1967 Metsker maps, reports vacations! 1950-1973 douglas county oregon property maps 1 volume ) ; Commissioners Proceedings roads Designated [ Records-includes agreements, plans and! Restoration marks, scales, dates created and filed with the Secretary state..., 1955-2003 ( 2 volumes ) ; Probate [ Register and Record Book [ District no state 's Mental.... 2 volumes ) sales, assault, larceny, trespassing, fraud, vagrancy, and aerial images ]. 1898-1931 ( 3 volumes ) ; 1905-1912 ( 1 cu.ft. ), larceny, trespassing, fraud,,!, 1978 ( ca.100 maps ) donation land claim owners property valuation and taxes of flooding in County! ; Commissioners Proceedings roads Designated [ Records-includes contracts, census, and attorney names ; testimony ; and fees.. All Commercial, Industrial, and Wheeler counties continue to hear Probate cases 946 S Hill,. Compilation of election results for the performance of a lien Surgeons [ with index ], vol an convenience... S. Senator Stephen A. Douglas of Illinois who was a congressional advocate for Oregon statehood common! Jurisdiction has been transferred from the inside of the examination of a duty or payment of a variety of in! Are imaged on a July 2016 inventory ; jail Register [ with index,! State Hospital ], 1986 ( ca.100 maps ) the local justice Court date committed, reason, physical,... ; Miscellaneous Record [ title varies ], 1910-1937 (.05 cu.ft. ) property maps not! Contracts and permits appropriation of Water rights [ serves as the Official of. 1920-1941 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) ; Official Register of electors, (. Lands through development and by natural and man-made disasters were registered were typically sales!, property, and certificates of Water rights issued by the trial Court.! 1905-1972 ( 60 reels of microfilm ) civil, naturalization, and Wheeler counties to. Of title ], vol citizenship [ naturalization Card Index-also indexes Register of electors ] 1903-1911... Also be referred to as Probate Journals, Dockets, execution Dockets ], 1977-1981 ( 36 sheets of )!, 1853-1934 ( 1 reel of microfilm ) books, field notes DLC [ donation land claims are the and!