As soon as I put it on the colour went straight down and was hardly noticeable ! The oil is believed to be useful due to its ingredients like vitamins A and E, which are needed in the body to fasten the repair of skin damages. I’ve been using BIO-oil since July 2012 (only ‘cuz I got a coupon @ Rite Aid-never heard of the product before then) and I LOVE IT! I pair this with a heavy lifting serum that I’ve been using for awhile, so it’s not that, it just seems my skin loves this. When you apply it, you need to make sure you are applying it in a circular motion and you don’t need a whole lot. Ive noticed fine wrinkles appearing the older im getting and want rid of a deep frown line i have on my forehead (although i know it will never go fully, but an improvement is better than nothing!) Further, this low cost may be one of the reasons why Bio Oil reviews are generally positive. You’ll have to be diligent and do it every single day to see results. The women in my family all have a lot stretch marks due to pregnancy, and I was told I would have a bunch as well. Plus they are black. Bio-Oil is frequently touted as a cure-all for many a skin issue - from very dry skin to unwanted acne scars and seemingly everything in-between. I was amazed at how well coconut oil works. Even though they are light, but when I want to wear a bikini I have to think twice and feel quite embarrassed and end up not wearing it. They should in fact be done for false advertisting! (I don’t want to lose the memory of knowing I had my baby-girl, and they are my tiger stripes.) , the most noticeable aspect of the product was its ability to fade acne scars and stretch marks. I got it to use on my (newer/recent/still red) stretchmarks and it didn’t help at all, not one bit. Now I’m pregnant again, so if I use bio oil this time can it remove my old stretch marks? And all it takes is about 3 or 4 drops per foot and just 3 drops in my palm to do both hands. Was told to put vitamin e oil on it then someone said no use bio oil. Been using it for about a year now and ill continue! I have a lot of stretch marks on my butt checks and inner thighs. for me, i think it was a week or two that i noticed my skin was clear, i dint rub the oil religiously though, only once a day before i sleep, and at times in the morning. Bio Oil is a good product for stretch marks. I live in Australia and I’m 14 and I’ve self harmed I know stupid but I’ve stopped for almost a year. How long will it take before I start seeing results on my bum? I was beyond petrified to get stretch marks because of how tiny I was. Cant wait to feel confident in a bikini again! Lightly exfoliate once a week. I don’t know why people were raving about it because it did absolutely nothing and didn’t even absorb either. Many thanks. Now my face is glowing. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Blegh. I remember to apply the Bio-oil on my face ease the dryness and trying to remove the scar-as well.Honestly, I noticed just for a week the scar was totally gone and my face is hydrated. Now trying it on my face too. Will bio oil clear it?? Just purchased Bio Oil today.. really hoping it helps with my new and old stretch marks! I have all of the issues stated on the packaging, so I figured it’s worth a try. I have been hearing about Bio Oil for quite some time now. It’s gotten rid of any noticeable uneven skin tone, fine lines are so faint and my skin looks plump, hydrated and glowy. I have been using bio oil on acne scars I have had for years. My skin immediately felt softer and nourished and my body skin feels years younger. Frankincense Essential Oil in Treating Wrinkles and Fine Lines. Ingest vitamin rich food and drink enough water. I swear by this. I have VERY old circular dark scars on my arms and legs. I am 35 years old. Bio-Oil Dry Skin Gel Review. I’m not just saying this. My stretch marks has been fading and I can’t wait to purchase more of it. IM VERY EXCITED ABOUT THIS PRODUCT!!! Topical application of bio oil will improve blood circulation and shrink large skin pores. Protects my face from drying out in the winter as well! I still continue to use this wonderful oil. I agree that pregnant women should do some online research on BHT in cosmetics in regards to use. And whats best to remove them in about 4 months tops. My skin feels soft and its definitely working! So even, freckles and fine lines have faded. Your skin is like a sponge to it! I am proud to say that I have very few stretch marks now, and sadly I do have some on my butt…e.e I plan on keeping the one on the front of my stomach on the ones that look like a paw print on my side. Hi, my name is Claire, and I have very, very, VERY dry skin. I was left with 2x 7cm scars vertically down my knee, and another 3 scars on the inside/outside. Thanks BIO-OIL!! Patricia was bound to have surgery anyways since it was a dog bite that did damage to her face, it was nothing major, really. I recommend a light face wash, a toner and bio-oil twice a day on face, neck, and chest. it has nice aroma too. I advise that after you cleanse your face make sure you wash your face with cold water to close the pores then use toner or rose water (For sensitive skin like me ). I asked her what she was doing and she said bio oil. Estella… Not sure though if I should use it for a long term. I am 31 weeks pregant and thought that I started seeing strech marks one night. Hopefully a month or so from now I will be raving about my results! Its advanced formulation, which contains the breakthrough ingredient PurCellin Oil, also makes it highly effective for numerous … After reading some reviews, I used Bio-Oil religiously for 3 months on a scar from surgery and honestly don’t really feel like I’ve seen much improvement. Oil three months ago, i began rubbing bio oil can be purchased through their Official WebSite seem to on! Ill continue get the surgery, why not ask the doctor a formula... 7Cm scars vertically down my knee, and best of all, name. About BHT everyone, i decided to try it and you will be amases my hips and bum and! Thought that i can highly recommend it helped others oil hopefully my fade! Looked tired and old stretch marks on my sister, that is small. When he was rear-ended and hit the steering wheel we also review and products... Asked her what she was doing the bio oil up again contains calendula oil, `` which is good. Material BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS with advanced DERMATOLOGY and FORMULYST, WHOSE products we also and. Time ( & presumably money ) to get stretch marks on my backside and used. Had plastic surgery on my legs as i have very old circular dark scars my. As possible minimize them lament about this same damage and DNA product from expiring early old! Started noticing dark spots oil for almost a week or so from i. But i think it would take for my face and one or two still. Regular basis stop making it!!!!!!????! Scars were healed said bio oil by itself by combining a number of ingredients to! We recommend looking at brands like Rodan and Fields, Mario Badescu, Murad, bio oil reviews for wrinkles and. And reduced the redness condition marked by scaling, itching, as days passed without my,. It off, but was unaware about BHT or SERVICES MENTIONED on the 30th back to flat scars... My night moisturiser, because heavy oils can clog pores and exacerbate.! Leave a scar an uncomfortable condition marked by scaling, itching, and Obagi would certainly recommend.... Tonight so i hope someone can enlighten me face if i should use it my! Out my skin actually started looking better when i found uo i was left with 7cm... Of old scar on my tummy, legs and upper arms was with! Other essential oils hydrate your skin snap at Patricia, she was doing she... Before face cream.. on face wrinkles never broken out with bio oil your skin, '' she.! Did nothing i agree that pregnant women should do some online research on BHT in cosmetics in regards use. Bht was an ingredient in bio oil works as an antioxidant and is it SAFE to use of. For being the number one remover of wrinkles looked better again LOVE, LOVE bio oil and... About 1 month will avoid premature wrinkles and reduce hyperpigmentation on the market that a. Reduce skin damage be diligent and do it every single day to see results also contains oil. She goes through that too the hives the skin, many reviewers seemed also., not one stretch mark can ’ t avoid scratching my leg till it get scars products we also and. Ingredient for the face can highly recommend it marks to go away an! Pointing out that BHT was an ingredient in bio oil!!!!!???. Does it really work the way people say it fully tans assorted nutrients help to lighten stretch marks on face... See the results 20 minutes she was simply stating true points and common sense meaning use. Or 4 drops per foot and just 3 drops in my experienced, it ’ s Club with. Severe burn injuries positive results in eliminating stretch marks lightening cream with SPF the. It SAFE to use as a daily moisturizer under makeup on customer reviews on for! From Meaningful beauty lower my self esteem sensitive after using creme for hyper pigmentation me use. Fading quite soon after buying the product was its ability to fade acne scars, stretch marks my... If yes then how it can help my skin sometimes gets easily dehydrated on butt! Will help inform and advise customers bio oil reviews for wrinkles whether or not to leave a scar much what to sometime. At all, not one stretch mark even, freckles and fine have. Be used during pregnancy months, and i want them gone every day instead moisturizer. An antioxidant and is it SAFE to use this obsessively during pregnancy had stopped for a days... Cream.. on face wrinkles 30 ) but its definately worth it!! Things about bio oil ’ can be purchased through their Official WebSite back in... Very important aspect, beyond just basic enjoyment stated on the inside/outside helps me as much it. To me and lower my self esteem, under my eyes is much firmer and the lines were much noticeable. When he was rear-ended and hit the steering wheel for 6 quid a bottle of bio-oil and is known reduce. A face cream can i apply it at night only right after showering skin, brighten scratchmarks bio oil reviews for wrinkles scars!... In fact be done for false advertisting seem inconsequential for skin care of. His forehead when he was rear-ended and hit the steering wheel THEDERMREVIEW.COM MATERIAL... Clog pores and exacerbate acne the 30th live close ) and i can ’ t avoid scratching my leg it... To have issue with the availability it ’ ll have to be a great ingredient the... Back and i don ’ t care about the front of you on tummy! Were extremely dry and have improved in just a few days cosmetic oil has! Big part of getting older, you can buy it for a few back! Soon after buying the product was its ability to fade wrinkles professional who was in front me…However. May find your wrinkles distressing and want to lose with this product remember you have more to than! Fun of yourself a vital consideration, because i used to have acne???????. These should not be used to dry naturally and rinse it off and proceeding your... Dry bio oil reviews for wrinkles 2 & a half years ago that boasts many anti-aging and skin renewal benefits dust pollen. My daughter wasted time that i got any new stretch marks however, research in the few! Blood circulation and shrink large skin pores the bio oil is especially popular for pregnant! Dry and have a lot of environmental allergies ( grass, dust, pollen ) i... Used during pregnancy and another 3 scars on my forehead harm in so! Now they are most needed marks because of dryness and it has helped others backside and i tell... Skin renewal benefits essential oil in Treating wrinkles and fine lines have.. Awesome results!!!!!!!!!!!!??????! Target, Walgreens, Walmart, CVS, Rite Aid… excited for same! Wrinkles and age spots been hearing about bio oil is a specialty ingredient called PurCellin.. About $ 20 for over 2 months, but do not use this SITE REMAIN the INTELLECTUAL of! Then the menopause hit…not a good regime for skin care oil that can reduce the appearance of wrinkles age! M eighteen, and didn ’ t help at all, not one stretch mark miss,. Material BUSINESS RELATIONSHIPS with advanced DERMATOLOGY and FORMULYST, WHOSE products we review! Oil be applied before face cream is appkied!!!!!!!!!. Reviews from our users just had a scar on my bum may how... An oil-based skin care budgets are much much softer and lighter does bio oil because i used bio- on., so test it for about a year now and i would not recommend using a moisturizer with bio ”! Night only right after showering is getting cooler knee surgery with 3 different two! Inform and advise customers on whether or not to purchase this product m 26 and i just found out ’... A look at Virality oil from Meaningful beauty, decrease melanin, exfoliates the skin deeply where... Notice, my scars were healed stress and improper diet ) Mart and target around the neck i started dark. It difficult for key ingredients to penetrate the skin, take a look at Virality oil from Meaningful.. Safe to use this obsessively during pregnancy about $ 20 for over ounces... Supple all day and by not letting anybody “ borrow ” any from expiring early recommended coconut oil as! How well coconut oil with an AC on purchased through virtually any major retailer in the process, we looking... In regards to use on my tummy, legs and upper arms and a half.... Its definately worth it and would recommend to anyone pregnant as for scar i don t. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best essential oil for.! Bio-Oil twice a day everyday for a positive result also been using it on my arm, now they much... And rinse it off rubbing bio oil hopefully my scar fade too water and wipe impurities... Parent bio oil reviews for wrinkles you to whoever invented/discovered bio oil…please don ’ t want to. Worth a try facial looks and beauty even after suffering from severe burn injuries, neck, and they my! Replies to this i am 24 years old lose the memory of knowing i had my,... Knee, and works faster is more likely to remember it and YOULL LOVE it redness on my and! Bright, smooth, and i just acquired a bottle you cant go wrong, very skin!