The word in the example sentence does not match the entry word. — I’ve been waiting for five hours for the repair man to come and I’m just about at my wits end. Many of these idioms, like this one, originate in the Bible—the King James Bible in … Many translated example sentences containing "i'm at my wits' end" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. They reel to and fro, and stagger like a drunken man, and are at their wit's end" (Psalm 107:23-27). be at your wits' end ý nghĩa, định nghĩa, be at your wits' end là gì: 1. to be so worried, confused, or annoyed that you do not know what to do next: 2. to be so…. OpenSubtitles2018.v3. Meaning of Idiom ‘At Your (or one’s) Wit’s End’ To be at your wit’s end means that you are so confused, puzzled, or upset or have encountered so many difficulties that you have no idea what to do. The Psalm we are going to look at this morning -- Psalm 107 -- is particularly written for people at their wits' end. have ( or keep) (one's) wits about (one) To remain alert or calm, especially in a crisis. In this song, it's the woman who has reached this point, with the man trying to help her through it. "They mount up to the heaven, they go down again to the depths: their soul is melted because of trouble. To be at your wit's end is to be perplexed; unable to think what to do. I'm already at wit's end, so if this train gets delayed too, I'm going to scream. The baby's been crying for hours, and I'm at my wits' end! Popularity (Scale 1 to 5): 4. Bestir their stumps, and at wits end do weep. Wit, meaning humor, is the same root as wits, meaning intelligence, obviously. George has reached his wits end trying to get that lawn mower to work! See more ideas about Bones funny, Funny, Funny pictures. ... meaning she might try to pull away, or start trotting/cantering on a short lead. Example of “at my wits end” in a sentence "After trying to solve the computer bug for 10 hours, Joe had made no progress, and was at his wit's end." If you're at your wits' end, you're upset and frustrated because you've tried everything you can think of to solve a problem, and nothing has worked. For example. The frightened women were at their wits' end. Synonyms for at wits' end include madding, agitated, angry, berserk, beside oneself, corybantic, crazy, delirious, deranged and distraught. Synonym Discussion of wit. The baby's been crying for hours, and I'm at my wits' end! 1Ammer, Christine. nie jest odpowiedzialne za ich brzmienie. For example. ", translation memory. Learn more. Wake, Jonas, who saith Heave me over deck. be at your wits’ end From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English be at your wits’ end be at your wits’ end WORRIED to be very upset and not know what to do, because you have tried everything possible to solve a problem → wit Examples from the Corpus be at your wits’ end • I'm at my wits ' end trying to fix this computer . at your wits’ end definicja: so worried, confused, or annoyed that you do not know what to do next: . Define being at wits' end. In God's word are found all the answers to the problems that face us when we are at our wits' end. It is a Psalm of restoration, a psalm of hope, a psalm of testimony. — I’ve been waiting for five hours for the repair man to come and I’m just about at my wits end. It’s commonly spelled at wit’s end, but we say at the end of my wits, not at the end of my wit, so at wits’ end makes more sense. At the limit of one's mental resources; utterly at a loss. — I've tried to do my math homework for more than three hours and now I'm at my wit's end. American Heritage Dictionary of Idioms. It sounds odd to me. It comes from "at my WICK'S end" meaning, from back in the day, your candle is about to burn out and you've got nothing left - you're at your (candle) wick's end. at your wits’ end definition: so worried, confused, or annoyed that you do not know what to do next: . ", Dictionary English-English online. Wit definition is - the ability to relate seemingly disparate things so as to illuminate or amuse. Meaning. It's been slang'd to WIT'S end since the good 'ole days (27) Reel to and fro.--Or more exactly, spin round and round. Lyon County Sheriff Al McNeil: I've had public safety concerns over the years because there is no fencing to keep them on the property, they break into my citizens' homes and steal keys and steal cars. Aren't you concerned that she might tell someone? 2Ayto, John. Hi, When the meaning is 'intelligence', the word 'wit' is often used in the plural. I cannot figure it out. I'm already at my wits' end, so if this train gets delayed too, I'm going to scream. Poniższe tłumaczenia pochodzą z zewnętrznych źródeł i mogą być niedokładne. Note: although commonly spelled as wit’s end, we also spell end of my wits; therefore, we are going to use wits’ end in this article.. Translation for 'at my wits' end' in the free English-Czech dictionary and many other Czech translations. My community is at its wits' end right now. I am at my wits’ end. "As things are now," I said, "if I was in your place, I should be, MENO: O Socrates, I used to be told, before I knew you, that you were always doubting yourself and making others doubt; and now you are casting your spells over me, and I am simply getting bewitched and enchanted, and am, In his autobiography, Humble Pie, Ramsay says Ronnie was refusing to go to the funeral: "I was, THE two-month managerial reign of former England and Arsenal star Tony Adams at Wycombe could end this week after he admitted to a close friend: "I am. Wits’ endmeaning: the limit of someone’s abilities, usually professional, technical, emotional, or mental. Przykłady użycia - "to be at one’s wits’ end" po polsku. I've been trying to solve a problem with some software all morning and I still haven't got it to work! Origins of the at My Wits’ End Saying. At my wits end . At one's wits' end definition: at a loss to know how to proceed | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Sometimes you will hear it from people trying to resolve an … Stretching out trembling hands Remember at “Wits End Corner” The … For example, I've tried every possible source without success, and now I'm at my wit's end. at my wits end translation english, German - English dictionary, meaning, see also 'Witz',wisst',wies',Wirt', example of use, definition, conjugation, Reverso dictionary Dowiedź się więcej. Translation for 'to be at wits' end' in the free English-Dutch dictionary and many other Dutch translations. – Engels-Nederlands woordenboek en zoekmachine voor een miljard Engelse vertalingen.